What’s Hot? Standard Pocket Chart

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LER 2206 Standard Pocket Chart

This month, our customers have loved our Standard Pocket Chart, a fully customisable chart ideal for use with the Read Write Inc. Framework. The chart is suitable for use in the classroom and features ten horizontal transparent pockets for holding teaching materials such as sentence and story strips.

What is the Read Write Inc. framework?

Read Write Inc., developed by Ruth Miskin, provides a structured and systematic approach to teaching literacy. It is used by more than a quarter of the UK’s primary schools and is designed to create fluent readers, confident speakers and willing writers.  Each Read Write Inc. programme meets the higher expectations of the National Curriculum and uses effective assessment to accelerate every child’s progress and prepare them for the 2017 National Curriculum Tests. Comprehensive training is available for all Read Write Inc. programmes to ensure consistent practice across schools.

How you can use your Standard Pocket Chart alongside the framework

The Standard Pocket Chart is a recommended resource for the framework and is used to display cards during literacy lessons. Cards are used to highlight red words, green words and challenge words, helping children to learn to blend as a class. It’s an essential resource for schools using Read Write Inc. because teacher’s need to clearly display words to the whole class.

Other ways of using the Standard Pocket Chart

The Standard Pocket Chart has multiple uses to help with literacy, rhyming, classification and classroom organisation. Below are some suggestions of how you can introduce the chart into your classroom.


Choral Reading

The chart can be used to display sentence strips for the whole class to read together. Perfect for beginners, teacher’s can fill the pockets with rhymes and encourage the children to read aloud in a round.

Sentence Structure

The chart can be used to teach sentence structure by labelling subjects and nouns. Discuss verbs, objects, articles and prepositions. As a follow on activity, students can make up sentences, break them down, and then put them on the chart. Thinking, writing, hearing and viewing all help reinforce concepts!


The chart is a great way to reinforce your class’s spelling words on a weekly basis. They will always be on display and your class can practice their skills at a moment’s notice! The large charts make it easy to clearly display all of the words so they are visible from the back of the classroom. The chart will remind students to study their words at home.

Unfamiliar words

Keep track of unfamiliar words in stories that you read as a class by writing down the word on a strip and placing it in your chart. Students can later look words up and write their definitions.


Place a group word in the large top pocket such as ‘colours’ or ‘vehicles’ and then ask your students to list words that fit under these categories. Vary classification schemes by having students distinguish between categories. You could mix ‘colour’ and ‘vehicle’ words and encourage students to put them under the correct categories.

Rhyme Time

Explore rhymes with younger students who are just learning to read. Ask students to find rhymes for words like ‘cat’ and ‘ride’. You can encourage them to write their rhyming words and display them on the chart. Older students can find rhymes with vowel combinations.

Keep Track and Get Organised!

Organise your classroom by using the chart to graph student performance, keep track of collected worksheets, show sentence and story strips or list names for jobs and tasks around the classroom. You can even use your pocket chart to store passes to the office, bathroom, and library!


The chart comes with a 16-page Teaching Guide and bonus content can be downloaded on our website. Find out more on LearningResources.co.uk.