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As only the second post of our new LRUK blog I thought it only right to introduce you to a new member of our team;  Jo, our Educational Product Development Coordinator, is already commonly referred to as our in-house ‘education expert’! Jo was a teacher before she joined the Learning Resources family and she already provides us with invaluable teacher tips, educational advice and new product ideas.

Do you have any advice you can share with other teachers? Comment below!

With this week being the Phonics Screening Checks for much of the country I asked Jo for her ideas of how she would keep a class of young children calm at school when tests and exams are happening!

  •  ‘Short but sharp!’ – Promote short bursts of high quality practice (as they say our attention span is only as long in minutes as our age!)
  •  ‘The importance of play!’ – Try and make revision fun – play games, sing songs, make up actions. Make it as active as possible to appeal to all learners.
  •  ‘Self-esteem boost!’ Rewards, rewards, rewards, praise, praise, praise! Use a points chart, golden time, stickers… the possibilities are endless! Check out our Good for Me! Achievement Badges, they’re wipe clean so can be used time and time again.
  •  ‘Get outside!’ Outdoor learning – with the warmer weather coming get out of the 4 walls of the classroom and take the learning outside.
  •  ‘Take 5!’ – If children look like they are tired or struggling to concentrate, take 5 minutes to play a game, do some brain gym or have a run around on the playground. Doing this means they can feel refreshed and get stuck back into learning. Enjoy 5 minutes with our Magic Moves Jammin’ Gym! It has 65 commands so will get all children moving!

Thanks Jo! If you have questions for Jo comment below and she’ll get back to you! As the experts, do you have any top tips to share? How do you keep you class calm? We’d love to hear!

Good luck with all the tests happening this term!

Until next time…


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