Tried & Tested – Wild About Animals Snapshots™ Critical Thinking Photo Cards

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Product: Wild About Animals Snapshots™ Critical Thinking Photo Cards

Reviewed by: Belinda Robertson, Specialist Speech and Language Therapist

Establishment: Hitchin Speech Therapy

How did you use the product?

  • 1:1 in a quiet speech and language therapy session, school based.
  • One card at a time. I introduced the subject (on the card) to the student
    then spent a little time discussing the picture. I then asked the ‘Critical
    thinking’ questions suggested on the back. This promoted further thinking and discussion.

What age range did you use the resource with?

  • I used these cards with KS1 children – aged 6 – 8 year olds.
  • A Teaching Assistant and KS2 child (aged 10) in the therapy room saw them and asked to borrow them too!


What are the benefits of the resource?

  • Handy, strong, smallish box – excellent for transporting from clinic to school; and around school on the day.
  • Time saving – I didn’t have to source amazing photos or think up some logical, inspiring and thought-provoking questions.
  • One topic was thoroughly covered.
  • There were plenty of cards in the box. The students loved these and wanted to look at more – I didn’t run out of cards/pictures and have to say ‘I’ll find some more for next week!’


Resource Review – Benefits of the product

  • The age range I could use these with; from Nursery, up to KS3 and beyond e.g. adults with learning difficulties.
  • Can be used with a huge range of speech and language difficulties: ASD, speech, language, memory, barrier games (as suggested as ‘mystery snapshot’ in the accompanying literature), narrative & story-telling, story starter and creative writing, phonological awareness (what sound does it start with, what does it rhyme with, or how many syllables) and fluency…to name a few.
  •  They were a nice size to handle – larger than some therapy cards I use. So really practical to share with 1 other, a small or large group.
  • All cards had one main feature, and most did not have a fussy or distracting background (a huge criticism of lots of resources in speech therapy!).
  • The fierce animals looked fierce (which my boy students loved) and the more gentle animals did look really gentle and appealing. Many of the cards created a sense of animation, movement, humour and anticipation – just like wild animals should!
  • There was a good variety of close-up and further away shot – this was very appealing to one student. This then created more interest and ‘stick ability’ as each one we turned over was so different.
  • A wide range of wild animals – some hard to come by e.g. seahorse and jelly fish.
  • The questions covered a huge range of ideas – they were interchangeable from picture to picture too.
  • There wasn’t anything to dislike about this resource!


Does the resource have long term appeal?

  • They could equally be used for 1:1 therapy, small group or whole class teaching/sessions.
  • The images are printed to a good high standard.
  • They are timeless images.
  • Discussing conservation and the ‘wildness’ of animals.
  • Developing further ideas and stories with individual students.
  • After using it for speech work and language work, I could use it for
    ‘Social skills’ groups to develop ‘inference’.


Is the product unique?

  • Yes, I have not seen anything like this before. They will certainly be a staple in my kit bag!
  • Good, useful, appealing and modern resources to target ‘critical thinking’ are always hard to come by.