Tried & Tested tacklingtables Classroom Set

Tried & Tested tacklingtables Classroom Set
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tacklingtables™ is a fun card game that helps children learn their times tables 1-12 and corresponding division facts off by heart. Developed by UK maths teachers, the tackling tables method helps children understand the entire number relationship and number commutativity. This helps students with building mental maths fluency. Find out how primary school maths teacher Joanne Moore uses the tackling tables Classroom Set.

How tacklingtables works:

tackling tables box

The Classroom Set includes a colour-coded times tables chart that shows which times tables students need to master each year to meet the DfE National Curriculum Outcomes for Years 2, 3 and 4. Blue covers the 1, 2, 5, and 10 times tables. Green covers 3, 4, and 8 times tables. Red covers 6, 7, 9, 11, and 12. Playing cards are colour-coded to match.

The Classroom Set also includes a reliable baseline assessment which teachers can use to track progress. Teachers will see a difference when students play for as little as 5-10 minutes a day.

Keep up the learning: Tackling tables is also available in a Student Set which is ideal for pupils to practise times tables at home.

Tried & Tested: tacklingtables Classroom Set

Tester: Joanne Moore, class teacher and maths lead at Snettisham Primary, with a class of 11.

What did you think of the concept of tacklingtables Class Set?
Box very well organised with the individual boxes of cards, instruction booklet that also provides photocopiable pages. I liked that the times tables grid is on the inside of the box for easy reference to the colours.

Learning Resources tacklingtables Classroom Set open box showing the cards and chart

How did you use this product within your classroom?
It was used as whole class teaching and then small groups to practise times tables. Also, children may be given own pack that they can use in school and possibly at home too.

What ideas do you have for other ways to use this product for learning?
It can be used as a starter activity in maths – get children to pick a certain colour depending on what they need to practise more of.

How has the resource supported learning in your classroom?
It is an easy-to-use game for children and also reference point for their times tables and inverse.

Is the product innovative?
Yes, the cards are very clear and easy to use. Having the individual sets make them easy to use and pick out the colour you want to focus on, or use the whole pack to cover all the times tables.

Please give some examples of where the product has positively affected an individual or the school?
All of the children loved using the cards. They said it was a fun way for them to learn and practise their times tables.

tacklingtables times tables game playing cards

Does the resource support the work of the teacher?
Yes, it supports the teaching of times tables and provides another tool to support the children in this.

What would you say are the greatest benefits of the product, both to you as the teacher and to your students?
Fun, easy-to-use, well organised box. It motivated the children in practising their times tables.

Do you think this product will meet your requirements to teach the National Curriculum Framework?
Yes, it is a National Curriculum requirement that by the end of Year 4 all children know their 12×12 times tables. This product fully supports that and also will help with children’s recall of times tables to support them in completing the Year 4 Multiplication Check in the summer term.

the tacklingtables baseline assessment for times tables learning in the classroom

How would you rate the long-term appeal of the product, both to you as the teacher, and to your students?
It will last a long time, is well made, and well organised. These can be used again and again and also by all year groups 2-6.

Do you think the product is unique or different from other resources in the subject area?
Yes, we don’t have another game/resource like this. We had an old version of the cards and the children love these bigger, easier-to-hold cards. They liked the more vibrant colours and rounded corners.

Does the product offer any support for SEND pupils?
Yes, it is a visual hands-on product that would work well for all pupils to support their learning.

How cost effective is the product in terms of the educational aims it achieves?
Very cost effective as the product will last years and can be used by many of the year groups in school.

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