Tried & Tested: tacklingtables Classroom Set

Tried & Tested: tacklingtables Classroom Set
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The tacklingtables™ Classroom Set is a fun cards game that helps students learn and practise the times tables 1-12 and their corresponding division facts. Schools use the tacklingtables method in Years 2,3, and 4 to help pupils learn their times tables and build mental fluency skills. In Years 5 and up, it’s an ideal way to keep up the learning. Playing tackling tables for just 5-10 minutes a day will help Years 5 and 6 students maintain times tables fluency. See how teacher Moira Hardy uses tackling tables in her classroom.

Tried & Tested: tacklingtables Classroom Set

Tester: Moira Hardy, a primary school teacher from St. Germans Academy, in a class of 30 children in Years 5 and 6.

What did you think of the concept of tacklingtables Class Set?
The tackling tables Classroom Sets are a real asset to the classroom. They are a great way to help children learn their times tables in a fun, interactive way and aids them to keep this knowledge for use in their mathematical work. The class set was particularly useful during lockdown as we have used them as visual aids in our Zoom live lessons with individual children and small groups.

How did you use this product within your classroom?
In normal times, we use the class set of tacklingtable cards to supplement our maths work with individual children and as a game for small group interventions. The children even ask to use them for playtime.

A teacher uses the Learning Resources tackling tables Classroom Set to teach on Zoom

In lockdown, we have been using them as visual aids for our Zoom classes where we can show the children a familiar visual aid.

What ideas do you have for other ways to use this product for learning?
We have developed our own ways of using them such as games similar to snap, Kim’s game and so on as well as the more traditional method of use.

How has the resource supported learning in your classroom?

They have been particularly useful for children whose parents are not confident enough in their own mathematical abilities to assist their children with home learning. Using the cards takes the pressure off the parent having to think of innovative ways to help the child.
The cards also help us to identify difficulties the child may be having learning certain times tables and to concentrate on those by developing strategies for overcoming mental blocks in a fun, interactive way.

Is the product innovative?
I believe the product to be innovative in that it gives times table learning an element of fun.

Learning Resources tackling tables Classroom Set is created for practising times tables 1-12 in the classroom

Please give some examples of where the product has positively affected an individual or the school?
A child who was struggling to learn her tables at home due to her parent’s lack of confidence in her own abilities to home-school has been assisted to learn her 9 times table in a week by using the cards over zoom with a TA.

Does the resource support the work of the teacher?
The resource supports the work of the teacher by supplementing the teaching and adding a fun extra dimension to the child’s learning.

What would you say are the greatest benefits of the product, both to you as the teacher and to your students?
The colour coded nature of the class set enables the child to see how much progress they are making and to know what is coming next in terms of their learning.

Do you think this product will meet your requirements to teach the National Curriculum Framework?

How would you rate the long-term appeal of the product, both to you as the teacher, and to your students?
I do not expect the appeal of the set being lost.

Does the product offer any support for SEND pupils? If yes, please explain why.
One of the beauties of the product is that it supports all children because they can access it at their own unique level regardless of ability.

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