Tried & Tested: Primary Science Lab Set

Reading Time: 3 minutes


Product testing: Primary Science Lab Set

Name: Shelly Oosthuizen

Age of child/children: 8 years and 6 years



Shelly is a Chartered Accountant who is now a home-educating mum to two kids (aged 8 and 6). She blogs about the learning activities that they do at home and share resources that they have used and enjoyed on the  ofamily learning together blog.

What were your first thoughts when the product arrived?

Initial thought when I opened the box was that my youngest would be able to work with the items by myself (just some help needed with reading all the instructions).  Before I had even unpacked all the bits he has already spotted the goggles and was walking around the house as a “scientist”.

How did you use the product?

We followed the experiments provided on the cards, downloaded the extra experiments that are available online and used the lab set with a few of our own experiments.  It was great for getting both kids involved, doing the experiments themselves.  Perfect for some basic home-education science.


What are the educational benefits of the resource?

It allows the kids to do the experiments themselves, and gets them comfortable handling the different instruments.  By doing the basic experiments (both the cards provided and those you can download) the kids start getting use to scientific ideas like what is an acid / what happens if you mix an acid with a base / what is carbon dioxide.  By working through these simple experiments both my kids scientific vocabulary increased and they wanted to do more and more science.


What did you like/dislike about the resource?

The one thing I did not like about the set was the tweezers.  The one experiment said – use the tweezers to remove the coins from the test tubes. My son would not get the tweezers inside the test tube, I tried and I could also not manage.  Although I like the tweezers (we own two of these exact tweezers) I do not think they are right for use with the test tubes.

I thought that the items provided were robust and I was never scared my youngest would break something or hurt himself.

What is the long term appeal of the resource?

I think we will be able to reuse the items in this set with future science projects. But the biggest long term appeal is that by playing with the set both kids are becoming more confident with basic scientific concepts and ideas.


Is the product unique?

Not sure.

Would you recommend this product to a friend?

Yes. I have already recommended it to a number of friends with younger children