Tried & Tested – Plot Blocks™ Story Building Activity Set

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Product: Plot Blocks™ Story Building Activity Set

Reviewed by: Belinda Robertson, Specialist Speech and Language Therapist

Establishment: Hitchin Speech Therapy

How did you use the product?

1:1 in a quiet speech and language therapy session, school based.

What was the age
range of the children you used it with?

I used these cubes and composite picture cards with KS1 children – aged 6 – 8 year olds as well as a Year 4, 9-year-old.


What are the benefits of the resource?

  • Very portable – strong, well made picture cards and I put the cubes in a draw-string ‘feely bag’.
  • Some familiar and some less familiar scenes which promoted further discussion.
  • A fabulous resource to develop understanding and use of ‘narrative’ and storytelling. The visuals were superb at supporting the logical sequencing of events to enable students to a) plan and then b) tell their narrative.
  • I used this resource with individual students, but I can easily see how this would be a fantastic resource for group therapy as well; it would encourage and target turn-taking, social skills, focus, eye contact, listening to others, negotiation, vocabulary, narrative, higher level thinking, asking questions and inference…all in one!


Resource Review – Benefits of the product

  • This resource was so interactive, fun and tactile!
  • The complete and clear pictures, with good size cubes to roll (for smallish hands). The cubes have a lovely tactile feel that my students really liked.
  • I think I would like some more familiar or everyday scenes for younger children eg; fair/zoo/park/football pitch/classroom etc.
  •  Although there were suggestions for ideas how to use the resource, which were easy to follow, I was able to use further ideas and/or customise its use with individual children easily i.e. using less cubes initially.
  • The colour coding of the cubes was excellent (as was having the crib sheet on the back of the instructions).

What is the long term appeal of the resource?

One of the most useful aspects of this resource was that it could be used with a huge age range. EYFS students would like the cubes and pictures, my KS1 and KS2 children loved it. I could also see it working well with EAL, KS3 and older students and adults with learning difficulties.

Is the product unique?

The idea of story cubes isn’t unique, but coupling them with the overlays is. Very ingenious.