Tried & Tested GeoSafari® Jr. Science Utility Vehicle Magnifier

Tried & Tested GeoSafari® Jr. Science Utility Vehicle Magnifier
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Name: Emma from Me and B Make Tea

Age of child: 3

Product Testing:  GeoSafari® Jr. Science Utility Vehicle Magnifier

Emma is a mum of one very inquisitive boy. He is very nearly 4 and loves all things science. She blogs over at Me and B Make Tea and loves trying anything science related! Her blog started out as a way to document healthy eating but it quickly grew to cover all things parenting and life.

What were your first thoughts when the toy arrived?

My first thoughts when I opened this product were that it was very similar to the microscope in terms of colour, branding and chunkiness. I mean this in a positive way – as I knew it would be sturdy enough to cope with the demands of a 3 year old!

“The colours of the vehicle were bright and the minute Brandon saw it in the box, he wanted to get it out and play.”

How did you use it?

First of all we used it indoors and looked at a few fossils and toys that we had in the home. We took it on holiday to the beach and it was fun to collect bits and bobs to take back to the caravan to study further. We’ve also used it in the garden at home and found snail shells, leaves, mud – anything that Brandon wants to look at really!

Science Utility Vehicle in use

What are the educational benefits?

This is a really fun way of engaging young ones with science! It helps aid learning through play, creativity, exploring and fine motor skills (in terms of twisting the wheel to focus).

What did you like/dislike about the toy?

One thing that Brandon did try to do a lot was put toys inside of the hatch. I worried they’d scratch the lens bit.

What is the long term appeal?

This is a toy you can take out and about or use when you return home from a day out and have collected things to study. I think it definitely has long term appeal and can be used to enhance activities such as a scavenger hunt.

Is it unique?

I’ve seen magnifying boxes but nothing in the shape of a vehicle which is what really appeals to my son.

Would you recommend it to a friend?


The final score:

Fun Factor: 4/5

Educational Benefits: 5/5

Ease of use: 4/5

Me and b make tea

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