Tried & Tested: Dive into Shapes! A “Sea” and Build Geometry Set

Tried & Tested:  Dive into Shapes! A “Sea” and Build Geometry Set
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Name: Shelly from O Family Learning Together

Age of young learners: 9 and 6 years old

Product Testing: Dive into Shapes! A “Sea” and Build Geometry Set

Shelly is a Chartered Accountant who is now a home-educating mum to two children. She blogs about the learning activities that they do at home and the resources that they have used and enjoyed.


What were your first thoughts when the resource arrived?

Dive into Shapes! A “Sea” and Build Geometry Set

As soon as we opened the box both children immediately started building shapes and objects!  No explanation was required as they saw the pieces and just knew what to do.  The different length sticks and the fact that there are straight and curved included meant they could create almost anything they thought of.


How did you use it?

The kids spent ages just playing with the connectors and sticks, creating all kinds of strange and unique objects.  The set lends itself to lots of open-ended play.  We also used the shape-building cards to create the shapes suggested.  One of the strengths of this set was that once the kids had used a shape-building card they remembered the shapes they had created and next time they played with the set they would often start with one of these shapes and extend it.



What are the educational benefits? 

By creating the shapes suggested on the cards the children became very confident with two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes.  They understood that if you start with a two dimensional shape and add on to it you can create three-dimensional shapes.

“It is hands-on Maths at its best!”

The kids learned just by playing with the different pieces in the set.  It is also great for helping kids understand basic fractions like halves and quarters as they divide a circle in half and then into quarters.


What did you like/dislike about it?

Both my kids love this set.  They love playing with it and they do not consider it an “educational activity”, they just think they are playing.  The pieces appear to be fairly sturdy and the set is perfect for solo play.  If you have two children you might find that they could actually do with two of these sets.


What is the long term appeal?

By playing with the set the children learn about shapes, two-dimensional versus three-dimensional, angles and fractions.  It is a great introduction to basic geometry facts.


Would you recommend this product to a friend?

Yes.  I have already recommended it to a number of friends!

The final score:

Fun factor: 5/5

Educational benefits: 5/5

Ease of use: 5/5


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