Tried & Tested: Counting Cows

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Product testing: Snap-n-Learn™ Counting Cows

Name: Jade from Raising the Rings

Age of children: Three and one years old


Jade is a mid twenties, West Norfolk mum to two boys Toby and Teddy. Raising the Rings covers parenting, lifestyle, family and much more.


Rating Scale:

What were your first thoughts when the product arrived?


It’s hard enough trying to find suitable storage for toys so when the cows came in their own tub I was pretty happy! I thought they looked really appealing and knew that the boys would want to get them out straight away.



How did you use the product?

We tried a couple of different things with the Counting Cows. At first we started by using the colours to do colour recognition and matching. This then progressed to counting the spots on the tail of the counting cows and matching this with the number on the head. I also used them as props in a toy farm set up.



What are the educational benefits of the resource?

They are an incredibly versatile tool which offer children the chance to learn not only to count, but to recognise the formation of numbers. It also helps with recognising and matching colours. They can also be used for free and imaginative play.



What did you like/dislike about the resource?

I liked that it came with its own storage, that’s always a bonus. I like that they’re so versatile and you can really open up the playing possibilities. While they’re educational, they’re also just fun for the kids to have a play around with.


There isn’t anything that I particularly dislike about them really. The only thing that frustrated me a little is that Toby would sometimes cheat when we were counting and would use the colours to match but this is absolutely not a reflection of the product at all.



What is the long term appeal of the resource?

Mostly that there are so many possibilities. There are so many ways to play with these Counting Cows and they definitely have longevity in them. These will work with children who are just starting to learn, those in pre-school and those who are starting school. They will help reinforce learning things they may have learned at school.



Is the product unique?

I can’t think of any other products that would rival this directly. There are of course lots of ways to do matching/counting – whether it’s home made or another educational product. I really like these as they’re sturdy, good for little hands and offer a plethora of educational activities to do at home.



Would you recommend this product to a friend?

Without hesitation!



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