Tried and Tested: Shining Stars Projector

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Product testing:  Shining Stars Projector

Name: Jade Wilson

children: 3 and 1 years old

Jade is a mid twenties, West Norfolk mum to two boys Toby and Teddy. Raising the Rings covers parenting, lifestyle, family and much more.


What were your first thoughts when the product arrived?

I couldn’t wait to get started with this. Jamie and I both love watching science based documentaries and have a keen interest in science and we’d really love to pass this on to the boys. I thought it looked appealing, was well made, sturdy and easy to carry around.

Was the product easy to assemble?

I’d say assembly was really easy as it’s so minimal. The projector consists of a base, the projector itself and then the circular slides, each with eight images on. You’ll have no trouble putting this together.


How did you use the product?

We projected the images on to the wall and gave Toby the opportunity to tell us what it was to see if he’d managed to pick it up from anywhere else. From there, we both sat and explained to Toby what the image was of and where he’d be able to find it and just described lots of the image’s features. He was quite happy to repeat new words which is great!

What are the educational benefits of the resource?


It obviously gives you a chance to instill an interest in space and/or astronomy from a young age.  With 24 images to choose from it’s great to show Toby (and sometimes Teddy) what the planets within our solar system look like as well as the different solar system views.

What did you like/dislike about the resource?

I loved that it was really easy to manipulate and that you can project the images on to a variety of surfaces. I like that there’s storage space for any of the circular slides that aren’t in use and that it automatically turns off after a while, as that saves batteries.I really like that it’s fully educational as well as fun as I find that if the boys are having fun while they’re learning, they’re more likely to be engaged and actually take something away from it, even from such a young age.


It would have been nice if it had come with some batteries, but I find that with a lot of products they’re not included so it’s not a huge issue.

The only other thing I’d say is that you do need to have a really dark room to get the best projection image. It could have just been the strength of our batteries though!

What is the long term appeal of the resource?


I think it’s a great introduction to outer space, but also a long term learning resource. Obviously planets and solar systems come up throughout primary and secondary school and I think it’s lovely that we’ll be able to get this projector out during those learning periods to carry on the learning at home.

The images are of everything from the planets, to astronauts, the ISS and asteroids so I think there’s potential for further learning when the time is right.

Is the product unique?

Not really. There are lots of projectors out there for kids; some that are similar to this and others that just rotate and are used as a nightlight. This is a really cool alternative to a nightlight though!

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