Tried and Tested: 5-in-1 Outdoor Measure-Mate™

Tried and Tested: 5-in-1 Outdoor Measure-Mate™
Reading Time: 4 minutes

Name: Jo Moore

Job title: Reception Teacher (EYFS/Maths Lead)

Class Year: Reception

Number of children in class: 14                       

Product being reviewed:  5-in-1 Outdoor Measure-Mate™

Using the Measure-Mate trundle to measure in metres!

How did you use this product within your classroom? (e.g. whole class teaching, group work, individual, child-initiated learning)

I introduced the children to it first. We had a discussion about what they thought they could do with it and then we took it outside during child-initiated play. I suggested some things they could do with it and then allowed them to explore.

How has the resource supported learning in your classroom?

The children first just loved taking it for a walk around the garden! They were fascinated that they could find out how long our garden area is! They set off counting the clicks and were so excited to tell me that it was 32 metres! They then explored the callipers and used them to measure different rocks. I extended their learning and suggested they record the sizes which then led them into ordering them by size.

Is the product innovative? If yes, please explain how.

Yes, I haven’t come across a product like this before that can cover so many areas of measurement in one. It is super sturdy so very useful for using with the younger children outdoors. It is very handy that it can come apart and be put away in the handy bag!

Measuring rocks with the Measure-Mate's callipers

Please give some particular examples of where the product has positively affected an individual or the school?

It supported one of the girls who struggles a bit with her number recognition. Getting involved as part of the group measuring the rocks, she was so excited to try and read how many centimetres her rock measured and she used it to help her write the correct number on her rock.

It encouraged a lot of collaboration and discussion between the children as they were all so excited to use it.

Does the resource support the work of the teacher? If yes, please explain how.

Yes, it provided a tool which sparked curiosity in the children which then enhanced their maths learning and development. It gave some ideas in the booklet which I can use in future to form activities around using the ‘Measure Mate’.

What would you say are the greatest benefits of the product, both to you as the teacher and to your students?

  • Easy to use
  • Covers many areas of measurement
  • Good exploration tool
  • Sturdy, hardwearing and ideal for outdoors

Do you feel this product will meet your requirements to teach the National Curriculum/Early Years Foundation Stage Framework?

Yes, it is a perfect tool to have available in the EYFS environment to allow the children to explore and be taught how to use it effectively. This would allow them to meet their ‘Space, Shape and Measure’ early learning goal:

‘Children use everyday language to talk about size, weight, capacity, position, distance, time and money to compare quantities and objects and to solve problems.’

Does the product offer any support for SEND pupils? If yes, please explain why. 

I don’t have any pupils with SEND in my class, however this would support SEND pupils as it’s such a hands-on versatile tool. It is easy to use and can support in learning and developing many measurement skills. 

Measuring small rocks with the Measure-Mates built-in callipers

How would you rate the long-term appeal of the product, both to you as the teacher, and to your students?

This is definitely a tool that we can keep in our classroom environment that will be used over and over again. It can be used in so many different situations, in the child’s play and also for direct teaching. The product seems sturdy and hardwearing so I believe it will last the test against 5-year olds!

Do you feel the product is unique or different from other resources in the subject area? Please provide details.

I believe it is unique due to the versatility of the product. There are so many different measurement tools in one for the children to explore. It is very child-friendly and the children loved customising it with the stickers! The handy bag is very useful for being able to store it and hang it in our mathematics area. 

Customising the Measure-Mate with stickers

How cost effective is the product in terms of the educational aims it achieves?

I believe it is very cost effective as I think this product will last a long time and also you haven’t got to buy all the separate measurement tools, they are all there in one.

Tried and Tested Review

The final score (out of 5):

Fun Factor:  4

Educational Benefits:  5

Ease of use: 5