Tried and Tested: Fraction Tower® Cubes Equivalency Set

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Product testing: Fraction Tower®

Cubes – Equivalency Set

Name: Shelly Oosthuizen of OFamily Learning Together

Age of child/children: 8 years and 5.5 years


Shelly is a Chartered Accountant who is now a home-educating mum to two children aged 8 and 5. She blogs about the learning activities that she does at home and shares resources that she has used and enjoyed.

 What were your first thoughts when the product arrived?

I immediately liked the fact that each fraction tower was in a bright colour and the writing on each cube was clear and easy to read. The cubes were also easy to take apart and to fit together again and the kids immediately wanted to play with it.


How did you use the product?

We used the fraction cubes as a way of visually explaining equivalent fractions to my daughter (that ½ = 2/4= 4/8 etc).  We also used the cubes as a visual method for comparing which fractions are smaller than, bigger than or equal.  With my youngest it was an easy way to introduce him to basic fractions.

What are the educational benefits of the resource?

There are lots of benefits.  It is great for children who like to hold objects while they work.  It really helped my daughter to visually see the differences between fractions and helped her to see which fractions were the same.  Each cube has the fraction, decimal and percentage written on it. And even though we have not used the cubes for decimals and percentages yet, my daughter has already figured out some facts for herself just by playing around with the cubes and seeing what fits together to get a whole and which cubes equal each other.  It also got my youngest interested and he happily sat sorting out which was the biggest fraction pieces and which were the smallest fraction pieces.


What did you like/dislike about the resource?

I like the fact that each fraction tower has the fraction, decimal and percentage on it. It helps the kids to see how all three can represent the same thing. The writing is clear and there are no small bits which could easily break. There is nothing that I dislike.


What is the long term appeal of the resource?

My daughter is going to be able to use this when we start learning about decimals and percentages. It also appear to be well made so it should be fine for my younger son to also use in a few years time.

Is the product unique?

I personally have not seen another fraction tower like this.

Would you recommend this product to a friend?

Yes. I have already recommended it to a number of friends.

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