Tried and Tested Fox in the Box Positional Words Activity Set

Tried and Tested Fox in the Box Positional Words Activity Set
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Name: Jade from Raising the rings

Age of children: 4 & 2 years

Product Testing: Fox in the Box Positional Words Activity Set

Jade is a mid twenties, West Norfolk mum to two boys Toby and Teddy. Raising the Rings covers parenting, lifestyle, family and much more.


What were your first thoughts when the toy arrived?

 I thought the packaging showed off the product really well and it ‘looked’ fun. After getting it out of the box I thought it was a really well thought out game that had a lot to offer, especially on a rainy day. There are so many ways you can play with it and Teddy loved that there were bigger ‘staple’ items that were essentially the focus of the game.

 Fox in the Box


How did you use it?

I used the object cards as flash cards, then helped Toby rhyme the words and sort them. We then used the central items to play the game as per the instructions using the spinner and finally I let Toby have free reign over how he wanted to play with it. He can usually last around 10 minutes playing to someone else’s agenda and then he wants to do his own thing so those 10 minutes are crucial when it comes to getting him focused.

Fox in the box in use


What are the educational benefits?

In Toby’s case it’s mostly about being able to follow directions but this activity set has huge potential. You can use it to sort the colours, use rhyming words, start to recognise sight words and of course the positioning idea is wonderful as you can also apply this to real life scenarios.


What did you like/dislike about the toy?

Fox in the box spinner

There wasn’t anything I particularly disliked to be honest. The only niggle I have is that sometimes when you’re trying to put something ‘in’ the tree or the chair it’s a bit difficult because it becomes a balancing act more than anything.

I really liked that there are central pieces that each have rhyming cards to go with them and I liked that it’s a really simple game with no harsh or confusing rules, especially for the younger ones.

The only other thing I would say is that it’s not organically the most ‘fun’ game ever, but then it’s not designed to be but it is definitely what you make it.


What is the long term appeal?

I’m actually really interested in seeing how this fits in with Toby starting school in September. He is starting to ask about more things and he has a thirst for knowledge but he just struggles with the understanding. I can’t wait to see how this transfers his understanding of positions into ‘real life’.


Is it unique?

Yes. I can’t think of another game that’s anywhere near similar to this one and I didn’t even know games like this previously existed. It’s definitely one to have in the games cupboard.


Would you recommend it to a friend?



The final score:

Fun Factor:  3/5

Educational Benefits:  5/5

Ease of use: 5 /5


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