Tried and Tested: Code & Go® Robot Mouse Activity Set

Tried and Tested: Code & Go® Robot Mouse Activity Set
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Name: Danielle Beaumont

Job title: Class Teacher

Class Year: Year 1,2 and 3

Number of children in class: 12

Product being reviewed: Code & Go® Robot Mouse Activity Set

How did you use this product within your classroom? (e.g. whole class teaching, group work, individual, child-initiated learning)

Group work and child-initiated learning.

How has the resource supported learning in your classroom?

Basic early coding, cause and effect and co-operative play.

Is the product innovative? If yes, please explain how.

The use of the road blocks and the physical barriers in one place is new to me.

Children building a track for the Code and Go robot mouse to move around.

Please give some particular examples of where the product has positively affected an individual or the school?

One child who was having a difficult time became re-engaged with learning in class through the use of the mouse (he liked exploring something new) and enjoyed building new circuits for it to go around.

Another group of children who find social interactions challenging were able to play with the mouse with adult support successfully.

Does the resource support the work of the teacher? If yes, please explain how.

Yes – All our pupils have SEND, and the Code & Go Robot Mouse allowed me to leave the children to explore technology by themselves and observe how independent they could be.

Children working out different routes for the coding mouse to go around.

What would you say are the greatest benefits of the product, both to you as the teacher and to your students?

The blocks and physical barriers really helped the children understand why it couldn’t go further.

Do you feel this product will meet your requirements to teach the National Curriculum/Early Years Foundation Stage Framework?

Yes – early exploration and cause and effect. Also allowed us to discuss how things work.

How would you rate the long-term appeal of the product, both to you as the teacher, and to your students?

I would be interested to see how the children interact with the Code & Go Robot Mouse after a long time. As a teacher yes, this will be a product I reach for over and over again as it can cover

  • Communication (friends working together, preposition language)
  • Computing
  • Cause and Effect
  • Story language
  • Numeracy (counting directions)
Children following one of the activity sheets to complete the challenge.

How cost effective is the product in terms of the educational aims it achieves?

For our school we would need more but it could be expensive to buy more. Could we buy the road separately to use with other resources? I really love the road blocks!

Do you have any additional comments/suggestions about the product?

I would like to buy additional road blocks so we could really explore the mouse!

The overall rating for the Code & Go Robot Mouse Tried & Tested Review

The final score (out of 5):

Fun Factor:  5

Educational Benefits:  5

Ease of use: 4