Tried and Tested: All About Me Family Counters and Activity Cards

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Name: Colette B (We’re going on an adventure)
Product name: All About Me Family Counters and Activity Cards
Age of children: 2, 5 and 7

Colette is an experienced primary school teacher and mum to
three.  She currently works part time on supply to allow her to be at
home with her children and to run her award winning family life style blog, We’re going on an adventure. 


What were your initial thoughts about the appearance and function of the resource?

I love how brightly coloured they are and how easy they are to handle.  You know from the outset that both the counters and cards are going to withstand being used over and over again (either at home or in the classroom).  I was immediately struck by just how many ways the counters could be used on their own and then with the addition of the cards you’ve ramped up the opportunities for learning even further.


How was this resource used at home?


We started off just sorting the counters by colour – talking about their size and which family member they represented.  We have also sorted them by type, grouped them into families, ordered them by size.  We’ve practiced repeating patterns with the help of the Activity Cards and also looked at some simple algebra with the “missing number” type calculations.


How could it be used in the classroom?

There are so many ways this could be used in the classroom.  For talking about our families and who is in them.  For sorting by colour, type. For grouping into families. For counting, for simple equations, for repeating patterns – the list is endless!

What did you like/dislike about this product?

I love them. My only niggle is the storage pot could do with being a little sturdier but we’ve just decanted them into a stronger lidded box

What are the educational benefits of the resource?

As a product which can be used independently, in groups or in a guided activity – at home or in the classroom to cover such a range of early maths skills I think the benefits of this resource are huge.


How would you rate the long term appeal of this product?

Considering it has been played with by both my two year old and my seven year old I think there is a really good long term appeal to the product – particularly when used in conjunction with the activity cards to work on simple algebra.


Do you feel the product is unique or different from other resources?


Yes, whilst it bears similarities to other sorting resources, I think the “family” element gives it the edge.

Most importantly… did you have fun using this product?