10 Educational Stocking Fillers Kids will Love

10 Educational Stocking Fillers Kids will Love
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When they’ve done the big Christmas present shop, many parents find they run out of steam when looking for Christmas stocking fillers. It’s snow problem mums and dads! We’ve done the hard work for you. Relax, and browse our selection of the top 10 educational stocking filler ideas for Christmas. Then simply click, order and we’ll deliver. It couldn’t be easier. (PS. They make ideal last-minute gifts, so why not stock up on a few extras?)

Here are our top 10 educational stocking fillers:

  1. Playfoam® Pals™ Snowy Friends 2-Pack
  2. Playfoam® Pluffle™ 2-Pack
  3. Beaker Creatures® Reactor Pod & Beaker Creatures® 2-Pack with Bio-Home
  4. Trace Ace Scissor Skills Set
  5. Playfoam® Sparkle Starter 4-Pack
  6. Stems® (Tub of 20)
  7. Math Trekker™ Multiplication & Division Games
  8. Primary Science® Colour Mixing Glasses
  9. Discovery Prism™
  10. Primary Science® Archimedes Screw

Sort out your stocking fillers today. Shop our Stocking Fillers page.

Playfoam® Pals™ Snowy Friends 2-Pack

Playfoam is the squishy, squashy sculpting stuff ideal for creative and sensory, tactile play. The child-friendly formula never dries out and only sticks to itself, allowing for hours of sculpting fun. Hidden away in the snowdome filled with Playfoam is a surprise collectible Playfoam Pal Snowy Friend. There are 12 Snowy Pals to collect and your child may even be lucky enough to find the rare Snowman. Children can use Playfoam to sculpt their snowy pal a nest, bed or even an igloo! It’s so easy to pop pods of Playfoam Pals into their Christmas stockings.

Looking to stock up on extras for quick, easy gifts? Our Playfoam Pals Snowy Friends are also available in packs of six and packs of 12.

Playfoam® Pluffle™ 2-Pack

New from creators of world-famous Playfoam, the ultimate squish and shape sensation comes Playfoam Pluffle. It’s the mesmerizing, feelgood fluffy stuff that’s irresistibly squishy. Where Playfoam is all about construction, Playfoam Pluffle is all about deconstruction. Grab a handful, give is a squash and watch it flow apart!

Getting stuck in encourages concentration and develops hand strength. It also inspires creativity, and promotes sensory, tactile play. Plus, the good news for parents is that the child-friendly formula ensures safe, creative play for children aged five and up. It’s stain-free, non-sticky, and never dries out so your little learner will enjoy hours of play.

On a white background a tube of blue Playfoam Pluffle is next to a tube of red Playfoam Pluffle.

Playfoam Pluffle is available as a duo pack in Blue & Red, Pink & Green, or Yellow & Purple. Colours can be mixed to create mesmerizing, multi-coloured fun. Watch Playfoam Pluffle here.

Beaker Creatures® Reactor Pod

Young scientists will be in their element with these educational stocking fillers. Beaker Creatures™ combine two things kids love: learning through crazy, cool child-friendly science experiments, and discovering surprise collectibles.

Drop a Beaker Creatures Reactor Pod into water and watch the pod bubble and dissolve away to reveal a mystery space creature from beyond the known world. Each Reactor Pod contains a Beaker Creature, classification card, and mini poster featuring amazing science facts.

Reactor Pods are perfect to have on hand for quick and easy gifts for family and friends. Buy a pack of 24 to ensure you have enough.

Once a Beaker Creatures reactor pod has fizzed away and revealed the intergalactic mystery creature hidden inside, children can pop their creature into its own Bio-Home and study their new alien friend more closely through the magnifying top.

Each Bio-Home set comes with a reactor pod, a bonus creature, two classification cards, and two mini posters with amazing science facts. Bio-Homes can be stacked to display your young scientist’s newfound collection.

Trace Ace Scissor Skills Set

An ideal stocking filler to help a pre-schooler perfect the scissor- and pencil-grip, while enjoying hours of crafting fun.

Trace Ace Scissor Set contains child-friendly scissors that help children develop fine motor skills and hand strength. Using the included stencils, little learners can practise their pencil grip while tracing out shapes and lines. Add in a Primary Shapes Template Set for more tracing options.

We’ve pulled together ten activities to develop fine motor skills that will help children practise their fine motor skills.

Playfoam® Sparkle Starter 4-Pack

It’s the Playfoam squishing, squashing, sculpting fun with a dash of special sparkle! And it’s the perfect stocking stuffer for your own children, as well as those of family and friends.

Children can sculpt and create shapes and mix the colours together. The bead structure promotes sensory, tactile play, and the squishing action boosts hand strength and fine motor skills. Because Playfoam is non-sticky, never dries out and can be used straight from the packaging, it’s ideal to keep kids busy while out and about visiting family and friends this season. Travelling with your children? Earlier this year Britmums members shared their helpful tips on keeping children entertained while travelling.

Stems® (Tub of 20)

Stems is the Flexible 3D Maker Toy that encourages children to think about shape, form and construction. The unique design uses only one type of construction piece that can be bent, twisted and attached to another piece using a zip-like action.

Playing with Stems encourages problem-solving, curiosity, and helps boost fine motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination.  A tub of 20 is an ideal-sized Christmas stocking filler for children aged five and up.

PS. Tired of your desktop Newton’s Cradle? Stems is a great stocking filler desk toy for adults, too. If you like Stems, here’s what you can make using them.

Math Trekker™ Multiplication & Division Games

Maths Trekker clipped to a backpack, handy for a stocking filler.

Ideal for children aged eight and up, Math Trekker is a hand-held game that keeps them busy solving maths problems and improves their numeracy skills.

The hand-held game is perfect for independent play and is easy to use. Your child chooses a difficulty level and Math Trekker displays maths equations. Solving the multiplication and division, equations correctly allows children to move to the next round. Bonus: This Portable game can be clipped to bags or zips for use on the go.

Primary Science® Colour Mixing Glasses

Picture of Primary Science Colour Mixing Glasses with several lenses laid out in front, which would be considered a top stocking filler.

How is colour made? With Primary Science Colour Mixing Glasses, teaching children about how they see their worlds is easy. The chunky child-friendly glasses come with eight lenses – two red, yellow and blue, as well as two distortion lenses to see the world like an insect does. Slots in the plastic glasses allow coloured lenses to be easily changed and offer a great way to teach children about primary and secondary colours.

Discovery Prism™

Light refracting through a prism showing the colours of the rainbow

Learn about light, refraction and spectrum physics with this high-quality plastic optical prism. Ideal for kids aged eight and up, Discovery Prism helps them learn about the rainbow without waiting for a rainy day. The mesmerising prism also allows children to look at objects through the prism and see how light and shapes bend. We came across this interesting video that shows why and how different wavelengths of light bend and split through a prism, and it will help children understand more about what they’re observing through the prism.

Primary Science® Archimedes Screw

A child plays with Primary Science Archimedes Screw at a table with two bowls containing M&Ms, a great stocking filler.

Aimed at kids aged 5+ the Archimedes screw works just like real life ones and teaches children about physics. It encourages observation skills as young learners watch water go up instead of down. It can be used at water activity tables, and even to move small solids including rice, lentils and soil.

Our Primary Science range has been developed for little hands to manage, and the soft grip makes it easier for children to hold and turn the screw. Once your little learner has the hang of using it, you can learn more about Archimedes and how his 2 000-year-old gravity-defying invention is still used today.

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