Coronavirus Time Capsule Activity

Coronavirus Time Capsule Activity
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Our Coronavirus Time Capsule Activity is a stay-at-home project for families to keep children busy and help them make sense of this historic event. The coronavirus lockdown has been a tough time for everyone and almost overnight our lives changed dramatically. It’s been a big deal for our children, and they’ve had to adjust to learning at home, being isolated from friends and family, and not able to do normal kids’ stuff.

We created this Time Capsule Activity to help families and we’d love to see what your children put in their time capsules! Leave a comment at the end of this post and tell us more, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more fun home learning ideas.

How to make your Coronavirus time capsule

To get your children thinking about their time capsules, download our Coronavirus Time Capsule Activity Book. With spaces to write information such as “My height is…”, “My favourite book is…” and “When I grow up, I’d like to be a…” it’s a bit of maths, a bit of writing, and lots of fun. Imagine the memories when they read it in a few years’ time!

Picture showing families completing Learning Resources coronavirus time capsule activity at home

Time capsule ideas for kids

Now for more fun! Gather up some items to include in a real time capsule. Whether you choose to make a joint family one or each child makes their own, you’ll need a container for storage. We used jars and shoe boxes but anything you can seal and store safely for a long time will do. You’ll need a durable and weatherproof container if you’re planning to bury your time capsule outside.

Example of Learning Resources coronavirus time capsule activity using a jar

Next, collect pieces of memorabilia. What about:

  • Letters from grandparents.
  • A newspaper with a coronavirus headline.
  • Small art projects. Have them trace everyone’s handprints and cut them out. Paint a smooth pebble and include the year.
  • Photos of the family doing crazy, funny things during the lockdown.
  • Their favourite lockdown recipe.
  • An item of clothing such as a sock so they can see the size.
  • Small collectables like a toy, coins or postage stamps.
  • (Clean) wrapper from a favourite chocolate bar.
  • Packets of seeds.
  • A mask or sealed wipe to remind them of this time.

Place everything including your activity book in your family’s coronavirus time capsules. It’s a good chance to engage your children and talk about the objects as you’re all packing them. Then seal everything up securely, wrap it snugly in a durable plastic bag, and store it somewhere safe. Oh, and then wait 10 years. Or maybe just a year. Who knows what life will be like then?

At Learning Resources, we’re here to help you make the best of this challenging time. Why not read our tips on how to stay positive during the coronavirus lockdown?

Have you made a time capsule using our activity book? Tag us in a photo or comment below and tell us what was in yours. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for other ideas.

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