The FUNdamentals of coding with Maddie Moate

The FUNdamentals of coding with Maddie Moate
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This National Coding Week, Learning Resources® has teamed up with BAFTA Award-winning EduTuber and TV presenter, Maddie Moate to highlight the benefits of learning the fundamentals of coding through play, with Botley® 2.0 the Coding Robot.

“Coding is one of the most widely used ‘languages’ on the planet – powering computers, robots, and software across the globe. It’s easy to be daunted by the prospect of coding if it’s not something you’re familiar with. But even learning the basics of coding – which children can start to learn from as young as four – can help to boost children’s skills and ability across the entire learning journey,” says Maddie.

“The computing curriculum in schools ensures most school-age children experience some form of coding education in the classroom. There’s no reason for parents to be fearful of coding, even if they don’t have first-hand experience of it themselves. I’ve teamed up with Learning Resources to outline the benefits of learning to code and to share tips on how parents can incorporate some fun coding activities at home.”

Discover the FUNdamentals of coding with Maddie Moate:

National Coding Week starts on 14 September and Learning Resources has lined up lots of fun activities to get kids excited about coding. Check this out:

  • Follow @maddiemoate on Instagram and watch her videos from 14 September with Botley 2.0 The Coding Robot to see more about how Botley 2.0 helps children learn coding through fun, hands-on play.
  • Check out Maddie’s YouTube Channel where Maddie and her ’Let’s Go Live’ presenter Greg visited The Centre for Computing History to learn more about coding.
  • Visit where you’ll find lots of free activity sheets and helpful tips to help children get going and growing with coding.
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