The benefits of outside learning

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My daughter ‘Squirt’ loves being outside, she’ll happily play for hours in the garden, at the beach, and she loves nothing more than a play park! She enjoys it so much; it’s easy to sneak in some fun learning activities without her even noticing she’s learning!

We all know the benefits of being outside; fresh air, exercise, vitamin D and the boosts to children’s immunity, needless to say how much extra space there is out there! Whether it’s the school playground or at home in your back garden, the activity ideas and resources are endless! My niece particularly enjoys the ‘jumpoline’ (trampoline!) and we can see her coordination and balance have already improved.

Toys that require new skills, encourage the development of self-confidence and encourage exploration. I gave ‘Squirt’ some Helping Hands Fine Motor Tools to use outside in her sand and water tray to improve her motor skills & build the strength in her hands. She’s learning scissor skills at nursery, so I thought the Handy Scoopers would help. Well the learning didn’t stop there! She explored the entire garden with the Handy Scoopers to see what was small enough to fit through the holes! Stones, soil, insects and flowers were all tested out and it became a little measuring activity!

This set combines four of our finest Learning Resources tools, great for children as young as 2. They’re great for encouraging exploration both inside and out.


Teachers, with the new curriculum coming into place in September, are you planning more outside learning at your education setting? We’d love to hear your ideas for taking your lessons outside!

We have some great resources for taking hands-on learning outside, and you can view the entire range of outdoor play resources on our website. Dino Construction Company™ vehicles have been very popular with both parents and teachers for outside learning and play. They are powered by children, so not motorised or controlled by a remote. There are four different dino vehicles in the set; Wrecker the T-Rex Skid Loader, T-Top the Triceratops Bulldozer, Spike the Ankylosaurus Steam Roller and Boom the Brachiosaurus Backhoe! Each dinosaur features a range of hand-powered mechanisms and the dinosaur track treads are great for making tracks in sand or dirt!

Mummy Blogger, Mummy Bird provided us with her review of Wrecker the T-Rex Steer Loader. Not only did her son love it, but her daughter did too! Little Bird even tried out the dino vehicle helping to dig up his Nanny’s patio! The full review can be found on her blog at

Make the most of outside learning and get the little ones outside!

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