How a trip to the beach can inspire independent learning


The beach is the perfect place for outdoor exploration with ample opportunities to encourage independent learning. Home to mini beasts, plants, birds and providing habitats like rock pools, young learners can have fun getting active and exploring the world around them.

Spending time in natural environments such as coastlines enables children to explore their senses as they are surrounded by a variety of textures, smells, sights and sounds creating an ideal setting for all types of learners. read more

20 Outdoor activities for your 2016 Summer Bucket List


The summer holidays are approaching, and we have suggested 20 activities to keep your children inspired and learning over the six week break. From bird watching and puppet shows to sensory trays and star gazing, there’s an activity for children of all ages and interests to go and explore the outdoors!

1) Make a butterfly painting

Butterflies have large colourful wings and are symmetrical. This means they can be painted by folding paper! To start, fold a piece of paper in half, on one side draw the wings of the butterfly and then fold the paper over and press down. Keep adding detail and folding until you are happy with your design. Once dry, draw on the body and antenna with a pen, you can also add some googly eyes to bring your painting to life. Click here to download the activity sheet from the Wildlife Watch. read more

5 ways to unleash their creativity


Creativity is defined as ‘the use of imagination or original ideas to create something’ and is an essential part of a child’s development. From painting and sculpting to drawing and building, creative play is a process that encourages children to explore all possibilities and try out new ideas.

Creating an environment rich with materials that inspire play will provide a safe place for children to unleash their imagination and creativity.  The Early Years Foundation Stage state ‘Expressive arts and Design’ as a specific area of a child’s learning development. This learning area is broken down into ‘exploring and using media and materials’ and ‘being imaginative’ encouraging experimentation with colour, design, texture, form and function. read more

Half Term Haven

January flies by with a blink of an eye and suddenly the whole family is back into a routine likely to be made up of packing lunches, the dreaded school run, after school clubs and evenings spent counting down the minutes to some peace and quiet.

Despite the blustery weather outside February does have a few things to offer such as Pancake Day, Valentine’s Day and of course February Half Term! We understand that entertaining little ones for a whole week can be a challenge so we’re here to help with some ideas to create your very own #HalfTermHaven read more