Maths Mastery: Insights from a Year 3 Maths Leader


Name: Miss Emma Suttle

Title: Maths Leader, Year 3 Teacher

School: Alderman Jacobs School



What is Mathematics Mastery and why is it important?


Maths mastery: a key buzz-word in current education. But is it just the latest fad, or is there some merit to this initiative?


It is visual, it is practical, and it is something that I have found can build strong foundations in the classroom from which to build greater things. And most importantly, ALL children can access a mastery curriculum. read more

What is Mathematics Mastery?

What is Maths Mastery?

Mastery approaches to teaching maths is a current hot topic within education. ‘Mastery’ means acquiring a deep, secure and transferable understanding of maths. Our Educational Product Development Coordinator and in-house teacher, Joanne Moore, has outlined the 3 main elements for developing ‘mastery’ (also the 3 aims in the National Curriculum for Maths): read more