20 Outdoor activities for your 2016 Summer Bucket List


The summer holidays are approaching, and we have suggested 20 activities to keep your children inspired and learning over the six week break. From bird watching and puppet shows to sensory trays and star gazing, there’s an activity for children of all ages and interests to go and explore the outdoors!

1) Make a butterfly painting

Butterflies have large colourful wings and are symmetrical. This means they can be painted by folding paper! To start, fold a piece of paper in half, on one side draw the wings of the butterfly and then fold the paper over and press down. Keep adding detail and folding until you are happy with your design. Once dry, draw on the body and antenna with a pen, you can also add some googly eyes to bring your painting to life. Click here to download the activity sheet from the Wildlife Watch. read more

What is STEM?

Emma Vanstone, Science Sparks

Emma is a busy Mum to three children and passionate about science education. You can find Emma’s experiments and activities at Science Sparks which is full of fun, creative and engaging science based activities for children of all ages, perfect for home or at school. Find out more at Science Sparks read more