Five games the whole family will enjoy this Christmas


Family games provide enjoyable quality time that boosts young learner’s self-esteem as they take on new challenges. A perfect way to get families laughing and playing together, they also help children to develop thinking and reasoning skills, strategic problem solving, spatial awareness, concentration and focus. We’ve put together five of our top picks that each help to develop key skills and challenge inquisitive young minds.

All Around The Playground™ Shapes, Colours and Counting Game


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Are you Big Board Game ready?


Did you know that Friday 27th May is Big Board Game Day? Organised by the NSPCC, the day invites people of all ages to play their favourite board games and raise money to support the fight for every childhood.

Here at Learning Resources, we have hosted our very own Big Board Game Day, with a game tournament featuring six of our favourite family games, all new for 2016! Board games are a great way to enjoy uninterrupted family time and also introduce children to social constructs such as turn taking, listening, winning and losing. read more

Imaginations Bloom Over Spring


Spring time represents a flourishing stage of development with colourful blossoms and longer daylight hours. With only a few months until the end of the school year, it’s the perfect time to support hands-on learning at home as well as encouraging outdoor exploration and discovery. Learning Resources have introduced over 90 new educational toys and games for 2016, and we have selected a few of our favourites, to highlight the key benefits and skills that they help to support.



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Five learning skills that can be developed at family game night!

As the evenings get darker and the countdown to Christmas is underway what better time to have a cosy night in and host a family game night? Gather the family together and escape the hustle and bustle that December brings; family games provide enjoyable quality time that boosts little learner’s self-esteem as they take on new challenges.

Board games and strategy games not only provide fun group activities, they also help children to make sense of social constructs such as rules and how to follow them, problem solving and how to deal with losing a game without being deterred from ever playing again. read more