Tried & TestedMagic Moves® Electronic Wand

Name: Debby Elley

Title: Co-editor AuKids magazine

Age of children: Twins aged 13

Product Testing: Magic Moves® Electronic Wand

“Debby is the co-editor of AuKids magazine, a parenting magazine for children on the autism spectrum. She is also mum to twins Bobby and Alec, 13, who have autism. Alec also has complex learning difficulties as a result of an acquired brain injury he had when he was two. She writes a column about Bobby and Alec in AuKids magazine.” read more

Programming for Primaries DayTried and Tested: Let’s Go Code!™ Activity Set

Name of tester: Kerri Hibberd

Title: Class Teacher

School name: Woodside Academy

Age range of children: Year 1, age 5-7

How important is programming in the primary classroom?

Due to today’s digital society it is very important that children get to grips with programming at a young age.

How did you use the product?

While most of the children were on computers working on moving a robot I used this resource with one group at a time on the carpet. At first I asked the children what they thought we were going to be doing with the resource and after sharing ideas I told them that we were going to be making a maze. I explained that we had to collect and bring back the robot but we had to use the coding cards to give instructions. The children then explored making simple mazes and we worked as a group to create the code. Next we tested to see if our code worked with one person walking on the maze tiles. read more

Sneak Peek: 2017 at Learning Resources


In 2017 we will be launching over 80 new hands-on educational toys for young learners. Our Product Development Team have been liaising with teachers throughout the year to make sure our new products are not only educational, but fun too! Here is an exclusive sneak peek of what to expect…

Latch & Learn School House


Unlock creativity and introduce positional language with this colourful school house! Children discover what’s behind each door by learning to open and close different types of latches. From the gym to the library, each door reveals a colourful illustration and removable figure (one teacher and four students). This interactive set also features a manual clock to help children tell the time. Carry handle allows for play on the go. read more

Christmas Gift Guide: Testing Team Top Picks


Have you already been handed your child’s wish list for Father Christmas? We’re here to help.

We’ve enlisted our team of Toy Testers to select their top picks and put them to the test! They’ve provided honest feedback and action shots to help you find the perfect present.


1) Pretend & Play® Calculator Cash Register


Tine said:

“The Learning Resources Cash Register, one of the brand’s classics, features over sized buttons and a built-in solar-powered calculator, which is ideal for children learning additions and subtractions in school. Big Girl loves pretend play and a cash register like this is fantastic for playing shop and making maths fun. Since opening the till, we’ve been encouraging Big Girl to charge us for everything we buy from her pretend shop (and sometimes cafe), input the prices on her till, and calculate the total. The till makes playing shop more real, particularly since the set includes pound coins and notes that look very believable and are the same size as real UK money. A very cool educational toy ideal as a Christmas present for both boys and girls!” read more

A warm, British welcome to Kai!

Our sister company in the USA, Educational Insights have been having a great time with Kai, a funny green puppet-on-a-stick, taking him sight-seeing in variously places in the US. He’s packed a suitcase and made his way over to the UK, to spend some time with us here at Learning Resources, joining us on our travels and trips! read more