Tried & Tested: Counting Cows

Product testing: Snap-n-Learn™ Counting Cows

Name: Jade from Raising the Rings

Age of children: Three and one years old

Jade is a mid twenties, West Norfolk mum to two boys Toby and Teddy. Raising the Rings covers parenting, lifestyle, family and much more.

Rating Scale:

What were your first thoughts when the product arrived?

It’s hard enough trying to find suitable storage for toys so when the cows came in their own tub I was pretty happy! I thought they looked really appealing and knew that the boys would want to get them out straight away. read more

Five activities you didn’t know you could do with Cuisenaire® Rods



What are
Cuisenaire® Rods?

Cuisenaire® Rods are colourful rods that can be used for small groups or whole class work to help children understand mathematical concepts. The rods come in different sizes and colours, and each colour represents a different rod length that can each be assigned numeric values or units of measure. Learning Resources® offer three different types of rods; wooden, plastic and interlocking plastic, and each are available in three different sizes: introductory, small group and classroom multi pack. read more