Spring Clean Your Classroom

The classroom setting is a place that primary school children will spend most of their time during a specific year of their school life. It is important that the environment is welcoming, inspiring and creates a space for self expression and growth. A warm and interactive classroom environment can have very positive effects on academic achievement and can also foster a strong sense of community.

Visual Appeal

Teacher’s often take great pride in creating the best possible learning environment, and when done so effectively, it will help children to develop a sense of ownership towards their classroom and their school. Warm colours such as red and green combined with natural lighting can create a stimulating environment for children to learn. Colourful displays and schedules are great for keeping organised and alleviating anxiety through visual cues. read more

Back to School

Well now we’ve had the late August bank holiday, we know what comes next… Back to School! Are the shoes bought, the uniform ironed and the new pencil case chosen? That was my favourite bit of the summer holidays – a new pencil case!!

The hardest thing was getting back into routine. Whenever we’re on holiday I always find getting back into the nursery and work routine the biggest challenge. I happened across a great article on Parentdish UK with 10 tips to getting the kids out of the door in the mornings! They call it a ‘keep calm countdown’. Take a look at the article and read through the great tips. In the meantime, these were my favourites: read more