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It’s Anti-Bullying Week. The aim of this week of awareness is to make stop bullying, by making it unacceptable for everyone, everywhere! It’s important to highlight the impact of bullying on children and young people in our schools, clubs and in cyberspace. Anti-Bullying Week has been running for over 10 years and aims to just that, prevent bullying by highlighting the impact on the victim.

Anti-Bullying Week 2014 is paying particular attention to the number of children with special educational needs and disabilities who are bullied in a number of institutions where they should feel safe and supported.

One of the most successful initiatives to highlight bullying in schools, is to get the children to lead the learning and awareness activities. This has been found to encourage inclusive attitudes in students and young children.

It is also important to support people who work with children to recognise young people around them who may be vulnerable to bullying. Discriminatory language shouldn’t be tolerated. We all heard comments being thrown about when we were younger, and no matter how harmless it seems from the outside, it doesn’t feel like that way to the victim. Luckily schools and clubs are working hard to make discriminatory language a thing of the past, by educating young people to understand the real impact of all aspects of bullying.

If you’d like to get involved and make bullying a thing of the past, you can access free training and resources from the Anti-Bullying Alliance. Some schools and clubs use Anti-Bullying Week as an opportunity to raise money for companies such as ABA that help target bullying. Fundraising ideas include:

  • Sponsored sports. With this year focussing on children with special needs and disabilities who are bullied, maybe try some wheelchair football or handcycling.
  • Hold a bake-off – very seasonal and always a favourite!
  • Loose a sense – spend a day or part of a day with one less sense, maybe wear a blindfold or ear defenders.

Get social! Spread the word about Anti-Bullying week and let the world know you’re against it. #StopBulling #Let’s Stop Bullying For All!

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