Sneak peek at Learning Resources toys and games for 2016. Eight toys and games we can’t wait to play!

Reading Time: 4 minutes

2016 is set to be an exciting year and we can’t wait to share our new toys and games with you! With over 70 new products being introduced we thought we’d start with a sneak peek of eight new toys that we can’t wait to play!

#1 Build & Spin

We love hands-on learning and construction and these new themed sets provide a perfect introduction to creative play for the younger tots aged 2 and above! If you are already a fan of our Gears! Gears! Gears!® range these bright new additions also help to develop fine motor skills and an understanding of cause and effect but with chunkier play pieces, ideal for little hands.

# 2 Rhyming Pups

Joining the growing Snap-n-Learn range, these adorable pups snap together to make rhyming words. Children can start by matching colours and identifying letters before moving on to building three-letter words and rhyming.  The Snap-n-Learn range has been very popular with parents and nursery workers who have said they love the bright colours and how easy the pieces are to join together. We can’t wait for this furry new addition!

#3 Ready, Set, Woof!

Sticking with the puppy theme, Ready, Set, Woof! is set to challenge little learners matching and colour identification skills! The aim of the game is to shake the dog bowl randomiser and match the colours to the correct hungry pup on the board. Robot Face Race™ is a lunch time favourite in our office so we’re very excited for the arrival of this younger variation.

#4 New Sprouts® Grow it!

Calling all toddlers with green fingers! The New Sprouts® Grow It! set has everything an aspiring gardener needs to create their own garden in 2016. With a watering can, trowel, three pots, two veggies and two flowers little ones will be able to help out in the garden with their own bright and durable tools that have been especially designed for little hands!

#5 Plot Blocks

If you are a fan of our story cubes you will love what we’ve got in store for 2016! The new Plot Blocks™ Story Building Activity Set guides children with picture cubes and double sided setting cards as they create their own exciting story. Combining a multitude of different settings, characters, objects and actions children can create a truly unique story with every roll. Where will your Plot Blocks™ story take you?

#6 All About Me Family Counter
Activity Cards

These double-sided activity cards have been designed after listening to your feedback requests for some activities to use alongside our Family Counters. Supporting the development of early maths skills and helping children to understand the world around them the activities range from counting the amount of family counters on a bus to replicating patterns. We especially love these cards because the hands-on visual nature of the activities means that they can be used in multiple ways and support all types of learners.

#7 STEM Robot Mouse Activity Set

STEM learning spans across Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths and is currently a buzz word in education with many related skills included in the national curriculum. Next year we will be introducing a new range of STEM activity sets to support the development of these skills. We are surrounded by technology like never before including video games, smart phones and tablets. They are all forms of communication that impact our lives every single day and what they have in common is that they all involve coding!  Our top pick from this new range is the Robot Mouse Activity set that provides early learners a fun, real-world application of these essential 21st century skills. Children can program the sequence of steps, and then watch Colby the mouse race to the cheese!

#8 Primary Science™ Shining Stars Projector

Last but not least, we’re over the moon to be introducing the Primary Science™ Shining Stars Projector. Little ones will be able to transform their bedroom into a secret planetarium and learn about early space science with 18 different images to project. The compact size, carry handle and stand makes it ideal for on-the- go learning so it can easily be taken to sleepovers and secret hide-outs!

So keep your eyes peeled for these exciting new toys and games and much more in 2016! We can’t wait for a brand new year of learning and fun!