Sneak Peek: 2017 at Learning Resources

Reading Time: 4 minutes

In 2017 we will be launching over 80 new hands-on educational toys for young learners. Our Product Development Team have been liaising with teachers throughout the year to make sure our new products are not only educational, but fun too! Here is an exclusive sneak peek of what to expect…


Latch & Learn School House


Unlock creativity and introduce positional language with this colourful school house! Children discover what’s behind each door by learning to open and close different types of latches. From the gym to the library, each door reveals a colourful illustration and removable figure (one teacher and four students). This interactive set also features a manual clock to help children tell the time. Carry handle allows for play on the go.


Puzzle Globe


Get a feel for geography with the hands-on Puzzle Globe. This brightly coloured rotating globe sits on a sturdy, safe base. Children as young as three will be able to correctly place the continents on the globe. Raised outlines and positioning allow for self checking. Once complete, the globe can be customised with stickers of native animals and famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and the Great Wall of China.


Count & Build TotBot™



The perfect introduction to problem solving and construction! Pre-school children build their very own robot friend with the Count & Build TotBot™! Multiple variations are created by twisting and stacking the colourful numbered shape pieces on to the connector between the TotBot™’s head and body.  Chunky, durable pieces have been specifically designed for little hands and will help to develop early counting skills.


Engineering and Design STEM Building Set


Set problem solving in full swing with the Engineering and Design STEM Building Set. Including over 100 playground pieces, children use their creativity and imagination to solve unique engineering challenges. Activity cards pose problems such as ‘Can you build a roof to cover the slide?’ and ‘How can you make the swing more stable?’ Guiding young learners through the engineering design process, each problem has more than one solution so can be revisited and redesigned time and time again!


Alphabet Acorns Activity Set


Build alphabet awareness and letter recognition skills with this fun matching game! Children fit the acorn lids to the correct shell by matching upper and lowercase letters. Find a colour-coded counter in each acorn that corresponds to that letter. Stack to show simple words, the alphabet, or use for simple matching play!


Jolly Roger’s Pirate Pieces


It’s a race of fractions for your young pirates! Players set out on a voyage to collect treasure pieces for their treasure chest. With an engaging and fresh approach to representing fractions, spaces are shaped as gold cups, gems, gold coins, and treasure maps. Pieces represent a whole, half, third or quarter with advanced play options also introducing decimals and percentages!


Fox in the Box Positional Words Activity Set


Put the fox in the box with this interactive activity set designed to teach positional word vocabulary, rhyming and following multi-step directions. Includes a hat, box, tree and chair models, along with 16 picture cards, a double-sided spinner and multiple instructional rhyming games and activities.


Gears! Gears! Gears!®

Robot Factory Building Set


Mix, match and create your own colourful robots with this new addition to our popular Gears! Gears! Gears!® building toys. Set of 79 pieces includes sturdy plastic gears, robots, cranes, springs and stickers for customisation. Robots can be built and rebuilt countless ways creating  endless combinations and designs, while preventing boredom.


Sight Word Swat


Ready, set, swat! Sight words are fun with these colour-coded friendly flies. Supporting young readers to recognise new words, this set features the top 300 high frequency words from phases 2-6 of the government Letters & Sounds framework. ‘Tricky’ words are written in yellow for easy identification and to remind children they cannot sound these words out phonetically. The winner has the most flies after all sight words have been called out!



Counting Cows


Learning early maths skills is a snap with these two-piece farm friends! New to the popular Snap-n-Learn™ range these cows feature a number (1-10) on the front with the corresponding spots on the back to teach number identification, counting, and more. Cows are colour-coded for self-checking.