6 Ways to Stay Positive During COVID-19

6 Ways to Stay Positive During COVID-19
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During these difficult times, it helps to know that you aren’t alone in feeling overwhelmed and uncertain. The way we’re living is unprecedented. People are sick, we’re isolated from our friends and family, children are learning at home again, and our lives have been upended for months. Many people are looking for ways to keep a healthy mind and make life feel more normal.

Below you’ll find 6 ways to stay positive during COVID-19 lockdown while dealing with this challenging experience. We hope these small tips will go a long way to help you and your family cope. Let us know how you’re staying upbeat. Find us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter and share your tips and ways to keep your mind healthy during COVID-19. 

6 Ways to Stay Positive During COVID-19

Stick to a Schedule

Even when you’re working and learning from home, maintaining a regular schedule will be a sanity-saver for everyone. That means waking up and going to bed at your regular times, getting dressed in normal clothes, and starting and finishing work and home school at the regular times.

Remember to honour break and mealtimes as well. Predictability helps this unfamiliar situation feel a little less disorienting and will help you and your children maintain the good behaviours you’ve developed at work and school. Here is an example of how you could frame your child’s school day amid COVID-19 to keep that sense of normality.

Dad and daughter play and have fun to stay positive during COVID-19 staying at home

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Plan & Celebrate Special Occasions

Keep celebrating special occasions, and make up new ones. It’ll be something extra to look forward to. It could be a highlight as simple as your favourite home-cooked meal or family games night (here are some fun educational games ideas). Or you could make up a special day to celebrate (National Pizza and Pyjama Day sounds good to us!). Whatever you decide, these small treats will help you and your family during this difficult time. Looking for ideas? Head over to Awareness Days or read more on fun free ways to keep your family entertained at home.

Two young children do a hand painting family art project to stay feeling positive during COVDID-19 staying at home

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Start a Family Project

With everyone home for an extended period, families have a unique opportunity to turn this downtime into something memorable. Maybe everyone gets hands-on with a scrapbook, photo album, journal, or art project.

Over the last year, it’s become apparent that connecting with nature and our outdoor spaces is more important than ever. This is great opportunity for that new veggie garden you’ve always wanted to start. Maybe it’s something as simple as quick daily vlogs that capture your lives in the moment. Whatever the case, these family-level projects give you the chance to build new skills, engage with your children, and create something you can look back on in the years to come.

Make Time for Me Time

Even for the happiest of families, togetherness can be stressful under normal circumstances. With everyone under the same roof for an extended period, it’s even more important to carve out some alone time for every member of the family.

That can take many different forms: maybe you can designate a room in your house that family members reserve for solo activities. If that isn’t doable, designate a quiet hour every day where everyone works on their own independent projects. Whatever form your me time takes it’ll help you stay refreshed and maintain your sense of self and independence while everyone’s together.

Get Outside

Spring is coming, which means that nature is getting ready to put on a green, flower-filled show. That’s why it’s so vital to remember your outdoor options as you pass your time at home. As the weeks go by, your outdoor space will likely become a wonderland of birds, bugs and new plant life that’s worth exploring (or just viewing with a cup of coffee).

Don’t have a back garden? Take a walk through your neighbourhood. As long as you follow government guidelines, these little trips outside your home will enourage a healthy mind, reconnect you all with the world and help you take in some bright springtime life all at the same time.

Get everyone motivated to go outside! Download our free outdoor activity sheets for great ideas on ways to engage with nature, and keep everyone learning and busy. Try 50 Things To Find on a Nature Walk.

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