Six Fun & Educational things to do over the Half Term

Six Fun & Educational things to do over the Half Term
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Half term is just around the corner. If you’re spending it at home, it can sometimes feel difficult to fill your days with activities that are both educational and fun. To help keep little brains ticking and engaged, we’ve put together a list of our favourite indoor and outdoor activities that will keep you and your children busy this break.

Heading out and about

Create an outdoor classroom

Using leaves to teach children maths while outside

Your garden, or local park, is an outdoor classroom bursting with possibilities. For example, did you know that leaves are a great tool for teaching maths to children? The Nurture Store have some great ideas. Collect leaves and get your children to order them by size. Number them one to five, starting with the smallest. This is great for helping little ones recognise digits, you can also order them on the floor to solve equations.


Stargazing in winter

Although chilly, winter can be the perfect time to start stargazing with your children. The days are shorter, so you won’t have to head out super late. Wrap up warm, make a hot chocolate and head outside to spot constellations, identify stars and photograph the night sky. We’ve put together a comprehensive beginners guide to stargazing to help you get started.

Dig for dinosaur bones

The Imagination Tree - Making Sal Dough Dino Bones

This activity is perfect for budding paleontologists! Create some DIY salt dough dinosaur bones, as featured on The Imagination Tree. Once made and cooled, trace around them onto a piece of paper and bury the bones in a pot plant or sandpit. Set the task of finding, cleaning and identifying the bones. It’s great fun and perfect for learning about dinosaurs. The bones are cheap and easy to make and can be cleaned off and used again!

Keeping warm indoors

Discover Dino

Continuing the dinosaur theme are our Dino the Dinosaur activities. Help little ones learn about colours, shapes and numbers with these fun, hands-on activities. All you’ll need is some child-friendly scissors and a glue stick. Print off one of our free activity sheets and start to piece together Dino the Dinosaur!

Dinosaur Activity Sheets

Valentines Day crafts

Rainy Day Mum - Valentines Card

Forgotten to get your other half a Valentines present? Fear not! The day of love falls right in the middle of half term this year. Enlist your little ones help to put together a thoughtful handmade present. Blogger Rainy Day Mum has put together a great post of ideas including a simple valentine’s day card, a simple string heart art canvas and DIY heart crayons.

Crafty crabs

Kids Craft Room - Homemade Crabs

These cute rocking homemade crabs from Kids Craft Room are really simple to make and are a great way for children to practise their fine motor skills. They’re great for bringing out little one’s creative side and with their moving pincers, they’re fun to play with too! With their moving pincers, they’re also fun to play with. All you need to get started is some simple craft supplies: butterfly pins, paper plates and paints.