Schools out for summer!

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Most schools in the UK will be breaking up in the next few days, the summer holidays are here!

Do you dread six weeks of having the children at home, or do you love having them around more? There have been many debates in both teacher and parent forums online discussing if six weeks is too long for a school holiday or if a four week summer holiday would be more beneficial, and as you’d expect, there are arguments for both! Many parents struggle to afford child care for the full six weeks, and more frequent, shorter holidays would be much more manageable. On the other hand, for many families the six week holiday is the highlight of the year that they spend months looking forward to and planning. I don’t think a decision will ever be made to please everyone, but we can certainly make the most of what’s on offer around us.

Sports and leisure facilities across the county will be putting on events throughout the holidays encouraging youngsters to learn a new sport or skill, and often these sessions don’t cost the earth! Check out your local council website for what’s happening in your area over the next few weeks.

One of the arguments for shortening the summer holidays is so that children have less time to forget what they were taught over the past year, known as Summer Learning Loss! Do you keep your children learning throughout the summer holiday through reading, fun maths activities, or maybe even summer school? Share with us some of your fun learning activities!

Hands-on learning is at the heart of Learning Resources, and I’d like to share some of our top products with you to help your children continue their learning in a fun way this summer!

1. I Sea 10!™ Game

Reel in your number sense by catching combinations of 10! Great for ages 6+!

2. Math Trekker™

One for addition & subtraction, one for multiplication & division, perfect for learning on the go, so ideal for long car journeys! See below for your chance to win two of these great travel games.*


3. Surfside Scramble™ Word Game

Race to slide and swap your letter flip flops! Make the longest word or finish first for extra points!

4. Primary Science Plant & Grow Set

Get green-fingered this summer and learn more about growing!

5. Letter Construction Activity Set

Fun construction set to practise letter formation and recognition.

6. Under the Sea Shells™ Word Problem Activity Set

Seasonal for the summer! Bring word problems to life with clams shells, starfish and crabs!


7. Pocket Money Bingo

Practise money skills with a fun game of bingo!

8. GeoSafari® Jr. Underwater Explorer

Explore underwater with this miniature ‘glass’ bottom boat.

9. Hot Dots® PhonicBooks™ Practice Cards

Reading comprehension activities which support vowel spelling practice! Select answers to multiple-choice questions by pressing the pen onto the correct ‘Hot Dot’!

10. Smart Snacks® Number Pops™ and Alpha Pops™

Great letter and number practice for younger learners!

No matter what you get up to this summer holiday, I hope it’s a great one!

*For your chance to win two Maths Trekkers™, comment ‘win’ below! Competition closes on 31st July 2014.

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