Programming for Primaries DayTried and Tested: Let’s Go Code!™ Activity Set

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Name of tester: Kerri Hibberd

Title: Class Teacher

School name: Woodside Academy

Age range of children: Year 1, age 5-7


How important is programming in the primary classroom?

Due to today’s digital society it is very important that children get to grips with programming at a young age.

How did you use the product?

While most of the children were on computers working on moving a robot I used this resource with one group at a time on the carpet. At first I asked the children what they thought we were going to be doing with the resource and after sharing ideas I told them that we were going to be making a maze. I explained that we had to collect and bring back the robot but we had to use the coding cards to give instructions. The children then explored making simple mazes and we worked as a group to create the code. Next we tested to see if our code worked with one person walking on the maze tiles.

Let’s Go Code!™ Activity Set

What are the benefits of the resource?

I liked that this resource was practical. This enabled the children to walk a set of instructions that had been made by the group and helped the children amend the code as they walked it themselves. For example, the children had planned a right turn when in fact they needed to turn left and they only noticed this mistake when a peer walked the code. After some discussion about why our code didn’t work the children were able to come up with the resolution themselves.



What did you like/dislike about the resource?

I like how practical this resource is and how it can be used in different ways like cooperative play and team play with the added benefit of adding objects like blocked path.



Did the children enjoy using the product?

Yes and they are looking forward to using it again independently.



How would you rate the long term appeal of the resource?

Coding is now very important so I think this resource will have long term use appeal. I can also see it being used with reception and year 2 children in different ways.



Do you currently have any similar products within your setting? Please provide details.

We have programmable robots and a matching computer programme but no resources like this.



How cost effective do you feel the resource is in terms of the results it delivers?

A good affordable resource for £30.



Is the product unique?

I haven’t seen any products like this on the market.