Playday – The National day for play

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Today is National Playday! On the first Wednesday in August each year individuals and communities across the UK celebrate Playday in a number of different ways! Past events have included celebrations such as street parties, mass woodland adventures and festivals in parks, each community that takes part adapts the celebration to suit them!


We all know how important it is for children to be allowed to play, it is vital for their health, well-being and development. Playday supporters hope to raise awareness about the importance of play in children’s lives and persuade councils, boroughs and decision-makers to continue to support playgrounds and play centres nationwide.

Here at Learning Resources we understand the need for children to have fun! Many of our hands-on resources are made to encourage learning through play for children from birth. We are passionate about children’s education, and want our products to support not only their learning and development, but also their well-being.

We have 4 product promises that we adhere to with each and every product that we manufacture, and one of which is…we make it fun!


I encourage you to celebrate play today! If there isn’t a Playday event in your area, then do your own thing, no matter how big or small it is! Squirt and I will be going to the park near our house later to make the most of Playday. It’s great to have a park so close, we know we’re lucky to have it as many people don’t have one in walking distance!

Playday have even shared some great rainy day ideas to encourage people to get out and play no matter what the weather is like! We can’t always rely on the sun here in the UK, so here are Playday’s ideas for wet days!

  • The Great Mud Pie Contest
  • Rainy Rhymes – how many can you come up with?
  • Waterslide Madness! Have tarpaulin to hand? Just add washing up liquid!
  • Puddle Stomping and Wellie Wanging

And when you’re already soaked from the rain…

  • Water balloon contests
  • Water spongers for a game of Torrential Tag!

 Whatever you get up to today, make it fun!

 Until next time…


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