The Best Ideas for Outdoor Camping with Kids

Kids Outdoor Camping

Getting children outdoors is more important than ever. A study ran by the National Trust found that children spend half as much time playing outside as their parents did when they were younger.      

  • Getting outside helps children to build confidence as they play, whether it be through imaginative play in the back garden, or interacting with other kids in the park.
  • Nature provides different stimulation compared to the technology kids play with today because it activates their senses. You can hear, see, smell and touch so many different things in nature, things that kids can never experience through a screen.
  • Children get more exercise because they are moving about and running rather than sitting inside on the sofa. Exercise and fresh air can really improve your child’s mind and mood, it encourages them to focus and use their initiative.
  • It reduces stress and tiredness – technology, screens and school work can really tire children out, and cause them to feel stressed. Getting them outside, or on a camping trip will give them a chance to relax, destress, and find their energy again.

Outdoor Camping ideas to keep your kids busy

Dig a hole

A child pushing a yellow dump truck into a puddle.

Simple yet effective! Children love digging and playing with mud, especially the younger ones. Bring some buckets, spades and shovels and watch them dig away. You could even bring some toy trucks for them to load mud, leaves and stones into for a bit of imaginary play. read more

Learning Resources – Who We Are

The people behind the history of Learning Resources, Lisa Guili, Rick Woldenberg, Jane Woldenberg and Dennis Blackmore.

Who We Are

Learning Resources Ltd began in 1994 with a family of coloured bear counters. The Three Bear Family Counters can be sorted by colour, size and weight, which puts them apart from other colour counters that can only be sorted into coloured groups. It was this simple innovation that convinced Managing Director, Dennis Blackmore, to join Learning Resources and have the opportunity to establish the company in the UK.

Over the past 25 years, our company has grown to supply award-winning, hands-on educational toys and learning products to more than 60 countries. Our toys are designed to help children build educational skills…and get ready to take on the world! read more

What does coding have to do with Children’s Art Week?

Children's Art Week Creative Coding

Children’s Art Week

Children's Art Week 2019 at

Children’s Art Week is a UK-wide programme run by Engage over a week in June. During Children’s Art Week, a range of libraries, community halls, heritage venues, country parks, schools, museums and galleries across the country host events for children to explore their creativity through art.

These activities give children, their teachers, parents, and carers, the opportunity to get involved with a broad range of art activities with artists and makers. read more

Family Games for All Types of Weather

Family Games for all types of weathers

The Importance of Family Games

Family games are important because they reconnect the family. We are living in a time where it’s no longer unusual for children to have their own TV’s or computers. With Smart-TV’s and video streaming services, families no longer have to watch the same programmes at the same time, they don’t even need to be in the same room. Gathering the family together to play a variety of family games once a week can really help to connect everyone.

Playing a family game can help to develop social-emotional learning. Children are more likely to talk about their thoughts and feelings when their minds are focusing on something else. The moments between turns, between hands of cards, and between games are perfect for sharing casual and even non-casual conversation. read more

Ten Reasons Children Should Do Bug Hunts – A Guest Post by SEN Resources Blog

The top ten reasons why children should do bug hunts

I’m Georgina, a former science teacher & Special Educational Needs Coordinator. I run The SEN Resources Blog which is a site for parents and teachers of children with Special Educational Needs. My site provides advice, fun learning activities (crafts, fine motor skill activities etc) and recommends useful resources.

I love encouraging outdoor learning, and a bug hunt is a fantastic opportunity to get children outside and learning about the world around them. We’ve been trying out Learning Resources bug hunting resources including their GeoSafari® Jr. Bugnoculars, Primary Science® Magnifier and Tweezers, Primary Science® Big View Bug Jars, GeoSafari® Jr. BugBright, and GeoSafari® Jr. Critter Habitat.  read more

The Importance of Learning Outdoors – A guest blog by The World Is Their Classroom

Children learning outdoors

Nicola from The World is Their Classroom is a home educator to her five children aged 15, 12, 9, 7 and 4. She is passionate about making learning fun and often takes her lessons outside, capturing the importance of learning outdoors. You can find ideas for educational products and activities on The World Is Their Classroom, a website bursting with creative and engaging ideas for children of all ages.

In celebration of Walk in the Woods Month, Nicola has written a post about the importance of learning outdoors and what the benefits are. read more