Calling all dinosaur fans

Do you have avid dinosaur fans in your family? Maybe you’re a childminder whose mindees are obsessed with the prehistoric beings? Our dinosaur themed hands-on resources will keep all youngsters amused and learning through play!

One of the most exciting dino additions to the Learning Resources range recently are the Dino Construction Company vehicles! They are part dinosaur, part construction vehicles that provide hours of both indoor and outdoor fun! read more

Our Toy Testing Team

2014 has seen the birth of our Toy Testing Team here at Learning Resources! We’re intrigued by the world of mummy blogging which seems to be spreading like wild fire! Us, along with many other brands recognise the importance of hearing exactly what parents think of our products and how we can continually improve them.

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Rainy days and Mondays


How’s the weather holding up in your part of the world this summer? Hopefully you’ll be basking in sunshine, and only having to dodge the odd shower here and there! read more

We’re growing up green

Here at Learning Resources we do our best to reuse and recycle, we know it’s important to take care of the world around us and keep it clean for the generations of little learners that are inheriting it from us!

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Helping your money go further this summer!

Keeping the children entertained for a full six weeks can be a costly, the price of everything seems to have shot up lately. I recently went to an outside summer festival and paid £3 for an ice-cream! They’re certainly not known as 99’s anymore!

This summer we’re running  a parent campaign to help you keep your youngsters occupied during the long holiday, whatever the weather! All the items in our Summer Savers category are Buy One Get One Free for the whole summer! Quote SUMMERSAVERS14 when you place your order. read more

Schools out for summer!

Most schools in the UK will be breaking up in the next few days, the summer holidays are here!

Do you dread six weeks of having the children at home, or do you love having them around more? There have been many debates in both teacher and parent forums online discussing if six weeks is too long for a school holiday or if a four week summer holiday would be more beneficial, and as you’d expect, there are arguments for both! Many parents struggle to afford child care for the full six weeks, and more frequent, shorter holidays would be much more manageable. On the other hand, for many families the six week holiday is the highlight of the year that they spend months looking forward to and planning. I don’t think a decision will ever be made to please everyone, but we can certainly make the most of what’s on offer around us. read more

Meet the Experts!

I’d like to introduce you to some of the inspirational people we collaborate with here at Learning Resources to ensure that the products we offer are the very best in hands-on resources! By working with experts, we know we can offer you the best help and support, through tried and tested content which we know works in the classroom!

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Getting your 5 a day

This time of year is great for exploring what fruit and vegetables are around, either produced locally or rife in supermarkets. The upcoming summer holidays will see many families out picking their own fruits and veggies in the local fields or at home in the back garden!

The NHS are keen for us all to get at least five pieces of fruit and veg in everyday, there are adverts on TV about it all the time! Unfortunately it’s not always as easy as it seems to get children (or adults!) to eat the recommended five portions, as some are picky about them or just won’t touch them full stop! read more

Gender segregation of toys – The Debate!

A hot topic of discussion in the media at the moment is the ongoing debate regarding gendered toys for children. Just last week Minister for Women, Jenny Willcott appeared on ITV’s breakfast news show ‘Good Morning Britain’ discussing the impact gender segregated clothes, toys and resources have on children, their self-identity and even their future career prospects.

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