We’ve been exhibiting!


At the end of September we were busy bees here at Learning Resources, exhibiting some of our best selling and newest products at the Scottish Learning Festival in Glasgow and Childcare Expo: Childcare Show in Coventry. read more

British Food Fortnight

It’s British Food Fortnight, a time to celebrate all the lovely foods grown and produced in Britain! It was first held in 2002, at the same time as the traditional harvest festivals that take place in schools and churches across the country.

British Food Fortnight shouts about the health benefits and enjoyment of eating quality, fresh, seasonal and local produce. It is also helping to engage the retail, catering, education and volunteering sectors and is establishing and maintaining a larger market for British food. read more

Mmm…National Cupcake Week!

It’s National Cupcake Week this week, and being an avid cupcake baker I, and my cake-loving colleagues here at Learning Resources are looking forward to the treats. Squirt and I got messy in the kitchen over the weekend to make some cupcakes to bring to the Learning Resources offices for National Cupcake Week; here are our results!

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International Literacy Day


Today is the International Day of Literacy! Thanks to UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) the International Day of Literacy was first celebrated in 1966 to highlight the importance of literacy to individuals, communities and societies. Celebrations of ILD have been taking place all over the world for 48 years, reminding the international community of the important skills; reading and writing. read more

Fashion in schools

Many schools have strict guidelines as to what students can and can’t wear. Some schools even state the colour of socks the students are to wear! Having worked in schools myself, I understand the importance of uniformity, especially during school trips and when visitors are coming to schools. However, I’m now finding myself on the other end of the argument with Squirt. She is no longer happy wearing comfy, practical clothes to nursery – instead wanting to wear dresses, with matching leggings and her hair down! I encourage her to keep her hair tied up so it’s out of her face, especially as her hair has a mind of its own as you can see!

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A warm, British welcome to Kai!

Our sister company in the USA, Educational Insights have been having a great time with Kai, a funny green puppet-on-a-stick, taking him sight-seeing in variously places in the US. He’s packed a suitcase and made his way over to the UK, to spend some time with us here at Learning Resources, joining us on our travels and trips!

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Back to School

Well now we’ve had the late August bank holiday, we know what comes next… Back to School! Are the shoes bought, the uniform ironed and the new pencil case chosen? That was my favourite bit of the summer holidays – a new pencil case!!

The hardest thing was getting back into routine. Whenever we’re on holiday I always find getting back into the nursery and work routine the biggest challenge. I happened across a great article on Parentdish UK with 10 tips to getting the kids out of the door in the mornings! They call it a ‘keep calm countdown’. Take a look at the article and read through the great tips. In the meantime, these were my favourites: read more

Bank Holiday Fun

I hope you all had a fun bank holiday and that the weather was kind to you! We had 2 birthday parties and a BBQ, but even with all the outings, we were able to have some fun with some of Squirts favourite Learning Resources products, this really is a job where I like taking work home!

I love to watch Squirt play with the toys and games, and see how her mind works as she’s playing. She’s quite a logical child, and likes to know how things work. The first toy she picked from the bundle was the Magic Moves Wand! She’s had this for a while, so I was surprised she picked this over some of the new ones, but it’s always been her favourite! The wand flashes, and plays some fun tunes for her to do the actions to. Actions include ‘hop like a kangaroo’ and ‘float like a feather’, there are so many to keep her amused. read more

Learning Resources – Our Brands

Our product range is full to the brim of hands-on learning resources suitable for teachers, parents, childminders, Special Needs professionals, after school clubs and many more other people who have a keen interest in children’s learning. The brands in our range offer a variety of products to support the hands-on learning of children from birth and beyond. Each brand offers high-quality, award winning products that we’re proud to offer as part of our overall range. These brands can be spotted in retail stores across the whole world and we’ve even spotted them on the TV!

I’d like to introduce you to these brands and the learning skills they support! We’ve had great feedback about them, and would love to hear your thoughts too! read more

Are we there yet?

School holidays are a great time to talk to children about travelling. Whether it’s heading to Grandma’s in the car, taking the train to the city or flying over to your favourite holiday destination, families always seem to travel somewhere in the holidays! There are so many methods of travelling nowadays, and we can get pretty much anywhere in the world. With this kind of freedom and access to new cultures, it’s no wonder the world is changing at the rate that it is!

Hopefully your summer travels are fun, and go smoothly. I once travelled from Dover to Calais in France via the ferry with the Girl Guides, it was great fun! However, on the way back we travelled in a storm, and due to damage to the docking birth we ended up being on board for 9 hours – it should have been a 90 minute crossing! read more