Enjoy picnics come rain or shine!

We’re well and truly into picnic season now, and I hope you’ve got some fab picnics coming up! Let’s hope the weather is on our side, and we’re not faced with too many rainy days this summer. I remember inside picnics when I was little, my mum would set a blanket out on the living room floor, and we’d have lots of various snacks in little wicker baskets! It was just as much fun as an outside picnic, however we weren’t allowed to play with the frisbee for some reason! read more

I’m having a mental block!

We’ve been getting our brains working in the Learning Resources office this week, challenging each other to a go at the Mental Blox challenge! This critical thinking challenge game contains activity cards to promote strategic thinking and memory skills, as players re-create the image on the card (to be kept out of sight – no cheating!!) This challenge is certainly not as easy as it looks! Were those stripes horizontal or vertical? Was it purple on green or green on purple? read more

Incy Wincy Spider…

Hello bug lovers!

It’s National Insect Week and time to learn about all things creepy crawly! The week’s official website lists a range of events happening for you to get involved in wherever you are in the UK, take a look at www.nationalinsectweek.co.uk 


Here at Learning Resources we have a whole collection of bug-themed resources to suit even the youngest of minibeast fans! Great for classroom use and outdoor use, both at home and school! read more

Off to BritMums Live!

Here at Learning Resources we are proud to work closely with a large network of Mummy Bloggers to ensure we’re keeping on top of the needs and wants of parents and their children. Their feedback is priceless to us and helps us to create and improve our well loved products. Today is the start of BritMums Live and our Mummy Blogger expert, Helen Ferri, is attending, along with Mummy Bird; our sponsored Mummy Blogger! read more

Welcome Jo, our Educational Product Development Coordinator


As only the second post of our new LRUK blog I thought it only right to introduce you to a new member of our team;  Jo, our Educational Product Development Coordinator, is already commonly referred to as our in-house ‘education expert’! Jo was a teacher before she joined the Learning Resources family and she already provides us with invaluable teacher tips, educational advice and new product ideas. read more

Calling all teachers, parents and lovers of learning!

Welcome to the first ever blog post on the first ever Learning Resources UK blog!

Here we’ll share with you some educational tips, product news and all things we’re passionate about here at LRUK! Providing hands-on, educational toys, games and resources to teachers, parents and educational professionals is at the heart of what we do, visit www.LearningResources.co.uk to have a look! Our products tap into children’s natural curiosity. From maths to science to literacy, lessons come to life in three dimensions, sparking an interactive learning process. Using hands-on learning resources, children take ownership of their learning. read more