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2014 has seen the birth of our Toy Testing Team here at Learning Resources! We’re intrigued by the world of mummy blogging which seems to be spreading like wild fire! Us, along with many other brands recognise the importance of hearing exactly what parents think of our products and how we can continually improve them.


We set up our Toy Testing Team earlier this year, a network of mummy bloggers we know we can trust and rely on for honest feedback about the quality, suitability and educational support that our products offer. Whilst we love hearing positive things about our resources, we understand things aren’t perfect. We ask that our Toy Testing Team provide us with constructive reviews and, if there are some problems, we can feed this back to our Product Development team.

Some of the mummy bloggers we currently work with include:


Our blogger specialist, Helen Ferri Wilson works closely with our vast network of bloggers. Helen established a relationship with the mummy blogosphere nearly three years ago and has kept abreast of developments in the ever changing environment of blogging. We soon discovered mummy bloggers are influencers providing impartial and honest advice to their readers. Helen said ‘It’s been important for us to tell the Learning Resources story and the response to our toys, games and learning aids has been extremely positive. We offer an appealing range of toys ALL with added learning value making us differ from many mainstream toy brands. The most rewarding situations are helping children to develop in an area of learning they’ve struggled with; the biggest surprise to the blogger is their children haven’t noticed they’re learning as they’ve been having so much fun!’

If you’re a blogger and interested in joining the Learning Resources Toy Testing Team, send Helen an email at hferri@learning-resources.co.uk to find out more. Alternatively view our Blogger Media Pack for more information about us as a company and our partnerships with mummy bloggers!


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