Mummy in the City visits Learning Resources at Toy Fair 2016

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Mummy in the City is written by Tine Farstad, a London mum mostly running around in Chelsea, Fulham, South Kensington and Battersea with her daughter, who is starting school this year, and a seven month old son.  Her blog focuses on life with young children in South West London, and covers topics such as London kids classes, London family attractions and services, London restaurants, London with baby, pregnancy, parenting, child development, family travel, children’s fashion and more.

“Last year I started feeling the pressure of providing more educational toys at home for our preschooler, and I suddenly found myself regularly browsing toys by Learning Resources. At first, the aim was to find toys to help my little one with number recognition, and I wanted to ensure we could practise this through play at home, so I bought the Smart Snacks Number Pops.

The Number Pops have since become one of our favourite toys, and that’s exactly why I found myself running into Kensington Olympia last week, desperately trying to get to a meeting with Learning Resources UK on time and see the latest releases on display at Toy Fair 2016.

For young children, I liked the new additions to the robust, creative and easy-to-clean pretend play series New Sprouts. There’s a cute gardening set, as well as a fun campfire kit– two sets that are both ideal for introducing children to
traditional outdoor activities.

There are also new themed creative play Playfoam sets, which give children inspiration for what to create with the bead-like squishy dough, and these sets for £8 each make lovely little gifts.

For mums like me who are always interested in toys to support early literacy and numeracy skills, the new Snap-n-Learn Rhyming Pups looked great for learning to build words and identifying rhyming words, and the sweet animal-themed talking pens provide children with a fun gadget for learning numbers, counting, phonics and more from Hot Dots Jr card sets.

It shouldn’t be difficult to ensure young children learn through play with the wide selection of creative and educational toys from Learning Resources UK.”

-Tine Farstad, Mummy in the City