Mmm…National Cupcake Week!

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It’s National Cupcake Week this week, and being an avid cupcake baker I, and my cake-loving colleagues here at Learning Resources are looking forward to the treats. Squirt and I got messy in the kitchen over the weekend to make some cupcakes to bring to the Learning Resources offices for National Cupcake Week; here are our results!

Baking is a great way to get children practising a variety of skills! From reading a list of ingredients and weighing them into a bowl, to watching the clock so their creations don’t burn.

If you don’t fancy letting your children loose in the kitchen just yet, we have a variety of products around the topic of cakes and baking to help encourage basic early skills!

Smart Snacks Shape Sorting Cupcakes

A delicious way to develop shape and colour identification. Fix the cupcakes together by matching the shapes of the top and bottom halves, then match them to the correct shapes in the tin!


Super Sorting Pie

Children can bake their favourite flavour combinations in this pie, while learning early numeracy skills such as sorting, colour identification and patterning. The Jumbo Tweezers are great for developing motor skills too.

Mini Muffin Match Up

Get matching with familiar kitchen equipment, sorting in and out of life-sized muffin tins with the Mini Muffin Match Up Maths Activity Set. The Squeezy Tweezers are great for reinforcing fine motor skills.

I hope you have a tasty week!

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