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I’d like to introduce you to some of the inspirational people we collaborate with here at Learning Resources to ensure that the products we offer are the very best in hands-on resources! By working with experts, we know we can offer you the best help and support, through tried and tested content which we know works in the classroom!

Mary Nathan helped us to develop our Maths Comprehension Cards range which now includes five sets ranging from Year 3 to Year 7. Mary is an award-winning writer, and a former teacher who understands how resources are used in the classroom. She is aware of the varied needs of both pupils and teachers, needs that as an educational resource supplier we want to help with!

When we interviewed Mary Nathan about her ideas for the Maths Comprehension Cards, she told us how excited she was about the product as she felt it was the perfect way to help children see that maths isn’t just a school subject, it’s an essential, yet fun part of life!

Jo Browning Wroe taught in the UK and the US before working for 12 years as an educational publisher. Jo has helped us develop our popular HiLo Reading Comprehension Card Sets which feature high interest passages for lower ability readers. These cards engage beginning, struggling or reluctant readers, and Jo has helped us to make them as extreme, amusing and informative as possible.


During Jo’s interview, she expressed how she wanted to create a style and tone in the HiLo Reading Comprehension Cards that made the reader feel like the writer was on their side, including them and not testing them! Jo felt that the material in the HiLo cards is more risky and playful, with permission to bend the rules a little – a great way of keeping reluctant readers engaged.

Our most recent collaboration project is with Tami Reis-Frankfort at PhonicBooks™. With her help, we have created our newest Hot Dots® sets, that link to their popular PhonicBooks™ Dandelion Readers range. If you’re not already familiar with Hot Dots®, they’re self-checking practice activity cards that children can master independently! Use the talking pen to answer multiple-choice questions, and the pen will then congratulate correct answers or gently redirect incorrect ones! The PhonicBooks™ Hot Dots® sets include 84 reading and comprehension activities which support the learning of vowel spellings!

Tami believes that a successful learning experience is one that is pitched at the level of the learner and offers enough practice for the knowledge and skills required to be transferred to long-term memory.

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