🚀 Blast off with Lonely Planet Moon Landing Competition Winners

🚀 Blast off with Lonely Planet Moon Landing Competition Winners
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To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing on 20 July 2019, we teamed up with Lonely Planet Kids and scouted the known world for stories about kids in space. The responses were out of this world and our friends at Lonely Planet have given us the go-ahead to share the top entries with you. If you could go on a lunar adventure, what would you do? Leave a comment at the end of this blog post and tell us about your dream space journey.

The winning entry

Gaurika (10) sent us a story to go along with a picture. We thought it was hilarious that the alien asked the astronauts for a visa. Check out her drawing and read the story.

Moon And Earth Discovery

She had found, what she wanted to become when she would grow up. Yes, a space scientist, an astronaut… one who would go far and beyond and explore.

She landed on the moon in the silver grey thick fat costume. Her head was like a big fat egg. She could see everything but she could not feel the fresh air. She saw a small creature,  someone unique staring at her and asking her – why are you here?  She answered – to explore and learn about the beautiful white moon.

He looked at her, then offered, come – I will show you around. She just followed. What she saw …was the undiscovered planet…the one we see every evening in the sky…

He took her first where there was a grey jelly like substance, which would bounce up and down and was like a sea… but nothing like the water… it was dark and scary, like the barren land, she saw in the museum. There were no people, no cities, …only silence and sand… and some small rocks… She looked around…she was alone…where had the creature disappeared…

She realized that Mother Earth, is really amazing, beautiful, giving and forgiving. Lets just concentrate on keeping it safe.

It’s hard to argue with the ending to Gaurika’s story. As amazing as the Moon is, along with everything else in space, it’s important that we look after the Earth so that it can keep on looking after us.

For her fantastic entry, Gaurika received a huge bundle of our favourite Space-related toys, including:

Runners up

This stunning picture has been so beautifully drawn and coloured by Batul (7) that it truly deserved to be a runner-up in the competition. Great job, Batul!

Meanwhile, Alfred (8) sent us a picture he’d made with lots of different materials. He called it ‘Apollo 11 – the silver rocket landing on the golden moon,’ and we love how many different materials he’s used in making it. Especially the glitter. Glitter is great.

Image file name – Harrison pic

The final runner-up entry came from Harrison (7), who sent us a picture of Ozzybozz the Alien travelling through space to Earth. Harrison told us that Ozzybozz is from the planet Ozz, which is a blue and orange planet. To get to Earth, Ozzybozz has to “pass the Sun, planets and lovely stars to get to Earth.” And those stars really are lovely, Harrison. Well done!

More of our favourites

We liked Noah’s (11) idea of a giant dog in space but did wonder how the giant meowing space dog was planning to get home. Hopefully, one of the two spaceships will rescue him soon.

Charlie (2) was one of the youngest people to enter the competition. He drew us a picture of a man on the moon with a rocket flying overhead, with the sun in the middle of the page. It’s a great picture, Charlie, thank you!

There’s so much going on in the picture sent in by Matthew (5) that you can find something new each time you look at it. There’s a meteor, Saturn, an alien spaceship, the moon, a rocket, a black hole, and plenty of stars too! Can you spot anything else?

There’s lots in Tilly’s (8) picture too! A planet full of aliens, a rocket, asteroids, a space jellyfish (our favourite), Saturn, the earth, and a proud astronaut who is telling us that they’ve “made it on the Moon.” Fantastic.

We have a soft spot in our hearts for the picture Richard (6) drew because it has Pluto in it. Did you know that Pluto used to be classed as a planet? It’s a dwarf planet now, but Pluto is still one of our favourites. We also liked how Richard included sun spots on the Sun!

There’s so much colour in Noah’s (4) painting and we just love it. He says that it’s “the dark side Star Wars space ship travelling to the Moon!” The dark side never looked so bright.

Rosa (6) drew us a picture of a space rocket landing on the Moon. Rosa also drew plenty of stars and named every single one! We admire your dedication, Rosa, so we’ve listed the names of some of your super stars here.

  1. Superstar
  2. Sleepy star
  3. Funny star
  4. Sharing star
  5. Hi hi star
  6. Little star
  7. Colouring star
  8. Maths star
  9. Kitten star
  10. Messy star
  11. Cute star
  12. Cool star
  13. Sunstar
  14. Wildstar
  15. Love star
  16. Food star
  17. Big star
  18. Jelly star
  19. Lol star
  20. Swimming star
  21. TV star
  22. Funky star
  23. Bored star
  24. Stupid star
  25. Happy star
  26. The best star ever.

Vedika (10) gave us a double treat: she wrote a short essay to accompany her superb picture of Alien World.

Dream Come True

Landing on the moon was a dream come true for the mankind. I have been seeing so much on TV, how the spaceship blasts, those big working stations, computers, scientists, etc.

But, where is all this done, where do they make uncomfortable space suits? Do astronauts feel stuffy and want to run away sometime? What happens to the washroom waste? How do they wash their dishes? Nobody shows all this stuff.

Daily routine things..do they have a grocery store up there?

Questions and questions but no answers, for a child like me.

Can moon really be our future home? I don’t want to leave my home and go anywhere. Mother earth is beautiful with lovely green trees, blue water and so many animals.

Yes, it can be a choice for some, if they want to find a new home but nature loving children like me are so happy here.

I do want to travel to space to see, learn and make things better on earth. I certainly want to come back to my home, my family and enjoy the little things which make every day so interesting.

I want to find a cure for every problem …

Vedika has asked some very interesting questions. Perhaps we could find someone to help answer them?

We were impressed that Sadie (11) knew that the sun is a star, although we were surprised to see that there were aliens on the moon! But Sadie told us that she had to include aliens because we can’t be the only ones alive in space. It’s hard to argue with that, Sadie; the universe is a pretty big place, after all.

Ariane (8) didn’t just draw a dramatic space rocket, but she included a super poem too!

50 Years Ago….

The Astronauts boarded Apollo 11 and turned on the ignition,

5-4-3-2-1 BLAST OFF they went on a space mission!

They left the Earth with a boom,

And arrived on the moon.

They climbed down from the rocket and rode a space jeep,

A small step for Man, for mankind a leap.

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