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Want your child to click with coding? Kids have an innate curiosity about their worlds, and learning complex concepts and skills comes naturally when done through play.

Learning to code isn’t only about programming computers. We published a blog on five reasons why it’s great for youngsters to learn coding, from encouraging them to develop if-then thinking, to boosting their self-confidence when they master this new skill.

Educational toys are an ideal way to introduce coding concepts without the need for a computer, and we offer a range of unplugged options where kids learn coding basics through hands-on, real-world play. Find your ideal coding toy from our options below.

Learn to code with some a-maze-ing coding friends

A picture featuring a boy playing with educational toys at a table to learn coding
Photo – Code & Go® Robot Mouse

Code is what makes things go. Code & Go® Robot Mouse is a fun way to introduce this principle. Jack and Colby, the programmable robot rodents help kids learn this – and more complex ideas – in a fun, interactive way.

Build Colby a maze and help him find the cheese at the end by using the coding cards to work out a step-by-step path through the maze. Programme Colby by clicking the direction buttons and watch him go! His buddy Jack is keen to join in, so why not have a programme party? We’ve even created a Code & Go Robot Mouse set for classroom use. (Suitable for ages 4+)

Click, click, go!

Learn to code with Coding Critters, the pet friends that are also a toy programming robot!
Photo – Coding Critters

Meet Coding Critters™ Ranger & Zip, Scamper & Sneaker, and Rumble & Bumble, the cutest coding pals. Coding Critters offer the best of both play worlds: kids learn how to build code through step-by-step programming using the worded storybook, but these cute characters all have a personality of their own and can also be used for creative, pretend play. Use the arrow buttons to build the code and then watch the critter fetch a pal, chase down their or find a fun treat. (Suitable for ages 4+)

Ready for a new challenge?

A picture featuring a young girl lying on the living room floor playing with an educational toy to learn coding
Photo – Botley® the Coding Robot

Ideal for your little learner’s next step, Botley® the Coding Robot introduces more complex coding concepts without the need for a screen. Kids can programme up to 80 steps in one sequence and use features such as object detection to build more advanced codes. Add the 40-piece Action Challenge Set and Botley can take on STEM-inspired obstacle challenges like toppling dominoes, rolling balls and swinging hammers. (Suitable for ages 5+)

Become an art director

A boy sitting at a desk working on a computer to programme a coding toy robot to draw a geometric shape; he is learning to code.
Photo – Artie 3000™

There are hours of creative fun and learning to be had with award-winning Artie 3000™. Ideal for coding enthusiasts aged seven and up, programme a design you’d like Artie to draw, insert a felt-tipped marker inside, and watch Artie get arty as it draws out the design on paper.

Artie comes loaded with pre-programmed shapes, and once children feel confident to take on programming their own designs, kids use the Artie app on a tablet, or site via PC or Mac, to code their own unique designs using programming languages including Javascript and Python. Each Artie has its own Wi-Fi server, so it stays off-grid and doesn’t need an internet connection. (Suitable for ages 7+)

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