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Hello bug lovers!

It’s National Insect Week and time to learn about all things creepy crawly! The week’s official website lists a range of events happening for you to get involved in wherever you are in the UK, take a look at 


Here at Learning Resources we have a whole collection of bug-themed resources to suit even the youngest of minibeast fans! Great for classroom use and outdoor use, both at home and school!

My 3 year old daughter (aka Squirt) and I have been learning about bugs this week, being a little girl butterflies are her favourite! We’ve made paper butterflies, sang Incy Wincy Spider and had a go at drawing bugs! Squirt’s not one for getting her hands dirty, so yesterday we had a look at the GeoSafari Jr Talking Bug Net. She particularly liked ‘catching’ the minibeasts in the net, which then set the net off talking about the insect she had put in it – clever stuff!


Once we’d been playing for a while and were getting good at identifying the bugs, we turned the net to quiz mode! We had good fun answering the questions which quickly  turned into a race! Squirt isn’t competitive…much! There are 60 questions, so plenty to keep us entertained. Squirt was having so much fun, she didn’t even know she was learning! The Talking Bug Net encourages counting and colour recognition, not to mention all the interesting bug facts. Did you know that a queen bee can lay 3,000 eggs in one day?! – Busy Bee!


I love the range of products that we do here at Learning Resources on the topic of insects and minibeasts, and the Talking Bug Net was certainly a favourite in our household. The net comes with:

  • a praying mantis
  • a spider
  • a ladybug
  • a grasshopper
  • a bee
  • and a butterfly!


We hope you enjoy National Insect Week, get in touch to let us know what you’re up to! You can see our collection of bug-themed resources at For young bug lovers, have a look at the Snap-n-Learn Number Bugs, Colour Caterpillars and Shape Butterflies, great for children aged 2+.


Until next time…


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