I’m having a mental block!

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We’ve been getting our brains working in the Learning Resources office this week, challenging each other to a go at the Mental Blox challenge! This critical thinking challenge game contains activity cards to promote strategic thinking and memory skills, as players re-create the image on the card (to be kept out of sight – no cheating!!) This challenge is certainly not as easy as it looks! Were those stripes horizontal or vertical? Was it purple on green or green on purple?


Our Mummy Blogger friend Donna from the Mummy Bird blog sent us a great review when her and her daughter ‘Big Bird’ took on the Mental Blox challenge. They liked to play it with the whole family in teams, but it can also be played individually.  A great challenge for all ages!


Fancy taking on the challenge yourself? Take a look at Mental Blox on our website. There are sample cards and an activity guide to download, see if you can handle it! Already played it? Let us know what you thought.

We had a lot of fun doing this in the office, nothing better on a Friday than a bit of brain boosting! This game is great for children who need a challenge, or perhaps just need a quick break in between lessons.

Quick breaks are ideal for keeping children on the learning track! Jo, our ‘education expert’ has years of classroom experience and says if children look like they are tired or struggling to concentrate, take a break! Play a game, do some brain gym or have a run around on the playground. Doing this means they can feel refreshed and get stuck back into learning! To keep your children or students engaged, give them a quick break with these fun Learning Resources boredom busting games.

  • iTrax Critical Thinking Game
  • Magic Moves Wand – great for younger children!
  • Wild About Animals Ready, Set, Roar! Classroom Activity Set

  • Marco’s Polos
  • Frida’s Fruit Fiesta Alphabet Game
  • Robot Face Race

  • Raccoon Rumpus
  • Diggity Dogs &  Kitten Caboodle


Get your brain boosted this weekend!

Until next time…


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