How to use your Time Tracker at home and in the classroom!

How to use your Time Tracker at home and in the classroom!
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Time flies when you’re having fun! Time Trackers are a perfect way to keep kids on time and manage tasks using colourful lights and audio cues. Whether you’re a teacher, parent or activity leader there’s a Time Tracker for you! Read our list of ways to use a Time Tracker at home or in the classroom for fun tips and ideas.

Ways to use at home

magnetic time tracker in use
  • Wake Up Time

If you have early risers, use a Time Tracker to signal when it is OK for them to get out of bed. Programme the green light to signal that it is still night time, the orange light to signal that it is nearly time to get up and the red light to signal that it is time to get up!

  • Teeth Brushing

Use the Magnetic Time Tracker to countdown teeth-brushing time! It is a great way to make sure teeth are brushed for at least two minutes every day.

  • TV Time

If you want to limit the TV time in your house a Time Tracker is a good way to visually show the remaining time and keep time slots fair.

  • Homework Time

Use a Time Tracker as a guide for completing homework. The green light signals quiet focused time, the orange light shows when time is nearly over and when the red light shows the time is up! Provide an incentive for staying focused until the red light shows such as TV time or an outdoor activity.

  • Countdown Games

Beat the clock! Use a Time Tracker for family games and set time limits to answer questions.

Ways to use in the classroom

mini time tracker in use

1) Time Outs

Manage time outs with a Time Tracker Mini. Set the timer to five minutes and ask for quiet reflection, when the time is up they can return to the class!

2) Activity Tracker

Keep the class focused on a task by visually showing how much time is left. When the green light turns to orange, the class knows that they need to reach a natural stopping point and when it is red the time is up. Perfect for experiments, writing activities and worksheets!

3) Indoor Play

Use a Classroom Timer to bring a quiet end to indoor play. Make it into a game by asking the class to freeze when they see that the timer is red. It should trigger a chain reaction resulting in a quiet and frozen class!

4) Quiet Time

Time Trackers can be an invaluable tool to manage quiet time in a classroom setting. When you need to speak to the class without interruption, set a Time Tracker and place it in full view. Challenge the class to ‘beat the timer’ by not talking before the red light shows. If they succeed, reward them with some chatting time!

5) Presentations

When groups in your class are presenting, set the timer to make sure they don’t go over their allotted time. If the light goes orange, time is nearly up and they need to make their conclusion before the red light shows.

Finding the right time tracker

There are three options to choose from and each has unique features! Find the Time Tracker that will work for you before planning your activities.

Time Tracker Mini

Time Tracker Mini

Key features:

  • Clear 360° viewing
  • Flashing light and sound effect
  • Volume control
  • 5 minute time increments
  • Time up to 120 minutes

Magnetic Time Tracker

Magnetic Time Tracker

Key features:

  • Magnetic back
  • Flip-out stand
  • Screw for hanging
  • Digital Screen
  • Time up to 24 hours

Time Tracker® 2.0 Classroom Timer

Time Tracker 2.0 Classroom Timer

Key features:

  • Six sound effects
  • Clear 180° viewing
  • Easy-to-read LCD display
  • Volume control
  • Pause function
  • Time up to 72 hours

See the Time Tracker in action!

“Either you run the day or the day runs you”

– Jim Rohn

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