A Horrid Henry Halloween at home

A Horrid Henry Halloween at home
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Looking for free fun ways to celebrate Halloween at home? We caught up with Horrid Henry for a chat and some creative ways celebrate with a Horrid Halloween At Home this Autumn.

What are you doing for your Horrid Halloween At Home?

I’ll be wearing my very own brilliant dress up costume of course! And I’ll be busy with lots of Horrid Halloween crafts and activities like colouring in my Purple Hand to put in the window, making my own Killer Boy Rats mask (very scary!) and listening to my free spooky Horrid Henry Audiobooks which my fans will find on my new website.

I’ll also be making my own spooky Super Slime (Ed’s note: Learn the science of slime and make Horrid Henry’s Super Slime using our Yuckology! Slime Lab) and baking up a batch of Freaky Fairy Cakes. My fans will find all my fabulously horrid recipes on my new website.

Illustration of Horrid Henry and friends for Learning Resources Horrid Henry Halloween at Home

Best Trick ever?

It’s got to be the time I completed my Mighty Mission and captured Moody Margaret’s Crimson Cutlass. Oh, but then there was the time that we planned the mega raid on Margaret’s tree house, and when Goldilocks showed me how to play Hide and Peep and Soggy Sid couldn’t find me.  And then there was the time that we made loads of snotbags and…well, really, they’re all the best tricks ever, tee hee!

Best Treat ever?

Having my brand new Gross Day Out special on repeat, that’s one of the best treats ever, and if I’m lucky Mum will make us a hot chocolate and I won’t have to argue with the worm about changing channels, ‘cos he loves watching it too. 

What did you do during your Horrid Hibernation? 

I got very busy, doing loads of things like a brand new podcast called Horrid Henry Unlocked and getting everyone to do Horrid Homework and creating my FeetUpFriYAY videos every Friday at 4pm and doing my Saturday Socials – and  being on Toon Island for the summer with the other Nick Toons (that was cool) and organising my Summer of Slime Festival!  I needed a lie down before I went back to school, I can tell you.

Favourite subject at school?

Break time, home time and holiday time! Science is fun too, there was the time that Wheely Walter decided to make a cup of tea and we all ended up being blue, don’t ask!

Most favourite place in the whole wide world?

I’ve got loads of favourite places, my Purple Hand Gang Fort, my bedroom, and GrossWorld. And the Golden Gate Garden Centre (they’re even doing Horrid Halloween pizzas, have you tried one yet?!).

Most favourite thing to do which is not inside the house?

Be in my Fort, play in the garden or Toot Scoot to the park with Rude Ralph.

How do you cope with homework?

I make it Horrid Homework every time, of course!

Have you ever grown your own fruit and vegetables?

Mum has a fantastic veg patch (which we had to dig up once cos we thought there was an archaeological treasure in there) but all she seems to want to grow is carrots.  Have you seen her carrot stew?! Yuck!

What is your favourite thing to eat to fuel your brain?  

I reckon Brainy Brian or Graham are the ones you should ask about that, although I’m pretty sure that the Ashton Primary school stew is not the right answer!

What’s Operation Oddbod?

Miss Oddbod is the brilliant headteacher at my school, Ashton Primary, and she’s been making loads of videos with us all about what’s been happening and keeping us up to date with everything – you can see all her videos on my YouTube channel.

You’ve met the Queen?!

Well, yes. And let’s not forget that she’s met me too!

What do you like to read?

I love reading my Gross Class Zero comics. Snot, bogey, fart, burp and zitgoo, we’re all gross and so are you!

Favourite season and why? 

I love every season, who wouldn’t love a Summer of Slime, an Awesome Autumn, a Wild Winter, and a Sparkly Spring !

About Horrid Henry: You can watch Henry on his own YouTube channel, as well as on Netflix, Nickelodeon, Nicktoons, Amazon Prime and many more channels around the world.  Visit Horrid Henry’s new website and find lots of free activities to keep kids busy and entertained at home. #stay safe and stay in touch and stay Horrid!

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