5 Halloween STEM Activities to try

5 Halloween STEM Activities to try
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Looking for Halloween STEM activities and trick or treat ideas for some ghoulish learning fun through hands-on play? It’s the perfect time to enjoy sticky, slimy, squishy sensory play and child-friendly mad scientist chemistry activities. Try these ideas for super (natural) learning fun. Creep it real!

Super easy Halloween sensory bins

A tub of Learning Resources Jumbo plastic tweezers for kids in bright colours

Image – Learning Resources Jumbo Tweezers for fine motor skills

This is a trick with a twist that’s ideal for Halloween tactile activities. While cooking up a packet of spaghetti, add food colouring to the water. The wackier the colour the better, so opt for shades like green, purple, brown or orange. Once cooked, drain and allow to cool. Add the cooled, cooked pasta to a bag or bowl and let little ones get stuck in.

For older kids, empty a few packets of uncooked lentils into a large bowl. Add plastic spiders and insects, even ghoulish toy eyeballs, and let kids use our Jumbo Tweezers or Helping Hands Fine Motor Tool Set to pick them up. It’s a fun way to learn sorting while boosting fine motor skills. See how this mum did it.

Make kid-friendly slime

A young girl using a slime making kit is has lifted a toy sieve and is watching slime flow through it

Image – Learning Resources Yuckology Slime Lab

If it’s yukky fun you’re after, Yuckology! Slime Lab lets kids make, store and learn the science of slime. Using everyday household ingredients and child-friendly recipes, kids can make slimes, putties and doughs. It’s a great way for young kids to learn about science and makes for icky sticky Halloween tricks for kids. Here’s a video with some more fun creative slime ideas for kids to try.  

It’s an alien takeover

A boy holds up a lime green plastic small flying saucer

Image – Learning Resources Super-Suction Space Saucers

Aliens are invading and they’re leaving a mysterious ‘radioactive’ glow-in-the-dark substance. Let your young UFO spotter get on the case! Spark their curiosity about all things out of this world with GeoSafari® Glow-in-the-Dark Planets & Stars Set and Super-Suction Space Saucers.

Glow-in-the-dark Playfoam!

Two young kids hold up handfuls of glow in the dark Playfoam with small monster toys on the top

Image – Learning Resources Playfoam Pals Monster Party

Playfoam Glow-in-the-Dark is an ideal squishy, squashy, shaping fun that keeps going and glowing long after the lights go out. It’s a great idea for Halloween trick or treat ideas instead of candy, too: For trick or treat party bags, pop in a Playfoam Pals Monster Party. Inside the squishy glowing fun is a cute creepy critter collectable that will bring hours of sculpting fun and sensory creative play.

Spooky DIY science experiments

A young boy wearing a children’s lab coat and goggles holds up a plastic test tube and tweezers and a young girl plays with a toy pipette and beaker

Image – Learning Resources Primary Science Lab Set

Let budding chemists loose on beakers, droppers and goggles designed for little hands with our Primary Science Lab Set. Fill the beakers with eerie coloured water and have children blow bubbles to learn about volume. Or instead of blowing bubbles, let them learn about ‘fizzics’: half-fill our kid-friendly test tubes with coloured water, pop in an antacid tablet and watch them fizz and bubble. Just like a real mad scientist.

Make a spooky density jar using natural kitchen ingredients to teach kids about density and flow. Check out this site and this one for even more fun Halloween STEM challenges for kids.

Have bone-chilling fun

Picture of a foam puzzle featuring a skeleton

Image – Learning Resources Skeleton Foam Floor Puzzle

Tickle their funny bones with our humerus Skeleton Foam Floor Puzzle for some hilarious Halloween STEM fun. Make no bones about it, it’s interesting to learn about the body, but there is always room for some cracking good humour. And at 122cm, it will make an awesome Halloween decoration too.

Not scary enough? How about some prehistoric scaring fun? Learn about dinosaurs with our Jumbo Dinosaur Floor Puzzle T-Rex puzzle.

Picture of a foam puzzle featuring a T-Rex skeleton

Image – Learning Resources Jumbo Dinosaur Floor Puzzle T-Rex

Are you going to try these Halloween STEM activities, or have ideas of your own? We want to know how you’re getting involved! Let us know by tagging us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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